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The Australian Phytoplankton Database (1844 - 2016) - abundance and biovolume

Claire H. Davies, Alex Coughlan, Gustaaf Hallegraeff, Penelope Ajani, Linda Armbrecht, Natalia Atkins, Prudence Bonham, Steve Brett, Richard Brinkman, Michele Burford, Lesley Clementson, Peter Coad, Frank Coman, Diana Davies, Jocelyn Dela-Cruz, Michelle Devlin, Steven Edgar, Ruth Eriksen, Miles Furnas, Christel Hassler, David Hill, Michael Holmes, Tim Ingleton, Ian Jameson, Sophie C. Leterme … & Anthony J. Richardson

ina-1 expression in the somatic gonad during late larval development

Srimoyee Ghosh, Takao Inoue & Paul W Sternberg
ina-1 is expressed throughout uterine toroids. At mid L4, expression is seen in uterine toroid 1 and 4 (ut1, ut4) and in the anterior uterine toroids 2 and 3 (ut2, ut3). In addition, ina-1::GFP is detected in the spermathecal-uterine junction and spermatheca. At the L4 lethargus stage, bright expression is observed in uterine toroids 1 and 4, the spermathecal-uterine junction, and spermatheca. Dimmer expression is present in uterine toroid 2 and posterior toroid 3. Fluorescence...

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