ina-1 expression in the somatic gonad during late larval development

Srimoyee Ghosh, Takao Inoue & Paul W Sternberg
ina-1 is expressed throughout uterine toroids. At mid L4, expression is seen in uterine toroid 1 and 4 (ut1, ut4) and in the anterior uterine toroids 2 and 3 (ut2, ut3). In addition, ina-1::GFP is detected in the spermathecal-uterine junction and spermatheca. At the L4 lethargus stage, bright expression is observed in uterine toroids 1 and 4, the spermathecal-uterine junction, and spermatheca. Dimmer expression is present in uterine toroid 2 and posterior toroid 3. Fluorescence...

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  • 2015

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