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Microfluidic EPG Recordings Show Striking Pharyngeal Pumping Phenotype in a C. elegans Alzheimer's Disease Model

Janis C Weeks, Kristen J Robinson, Benedicta Wanjeri, Philip F Copenhaver & William M Roberts
Strain CL4176 accumulates human amyloid-β1-42 in body wall muscles after animals are shifted from 15 to 25 oC, causing paralysis (Link et al. 2003). We temperature-shifted worms at early L4 and quantified pharyngeal pumping at 48 h using a microfluidic electropharyngeogram (EPG) recording platform (Lockery et al. 2012; Weeks et al. 2016). Recordings were made in M9 buffer with 10 mM serotonin and analyzed by automated pump-recognition software. At 48 h, control CL802 worms showed...

Mutations in KCNQ potassium channels cause pharyngeal pumping defects in C. elegans

Yoanne Clovis, Alexis Webb, Carl Turner & Bill Roberts
Pumps were stimulated with 10mM 5HT in M9 recorded as electropharyngeograms (EPGs) for 2 minutes in a NemaMetrix ScreenChip, and analyzed using NemAnalysis software (NemaMetrix). The null mutant strains kqt-1(aw3) and kqt-3 (aw1) were kindly donated by Dr. Aguan Wei (Wei et al., 2002) A) Pump frequency in kqt-1(aw3) animals was significantly lower than in N2s, while kqt-3(aw1) worms showed an increase in pump frequency (*p<0.05; ***p<0.01; 1-tailed Mann-Whitney U-test; n = 21-23 worms in...

Mean hydrography on the continental shelf from 26 repeat glider deployments along Southeastern Australia

Amandine Schaeffer, Moninya Roughan, Tim Austin, Jason D. Everett, David Griffin, Ben Hollings, Edward King, Alessandra Mantovanelli, Stuart Milburn, Benedicte Pasquer, Charitha Pattiaratchi, Robin Robertson, Dennis Stanley, Iain Suthers & Dana White

Trehalose Extends Healthspan in C. elegans

Kristen J Robinson & Kathryn McCormick
Adult worms were reared and tested in M9 medium plus 5 mM trehalose, which has previously been shown to extend lifespan and increase pump frequency late in life in C. elegans (Honda et al., 2010). Using an alternate electrophysiological readout of pumping, electrophayrngeograms (EPGs), we examined pump frequency at earlier timepoints than previously reported. Pumps were stimulated with 10mM 5HT in M9, recorded as EPGs in a microfluidic device, and analyzed using NemAnalysis software (NemaMetrix)....

California State Waters Map Series--Offshore of Monterey, California

Susan A Cochran
This publication about the Offshore of Monterey map area includes ten map sheets that contain explanatory text, in addition to this descriptive pamphlet and a data catalog of geographic information system (GIS) files. A temporary DOI# was issued when the publication was in the works. Once it became an official USGS Open-File Report it was given a formal DOI#, which this temporary DOI# redirects to.

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