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Wpływ dwuskładnikowych nawozów mineralnych na zasobność gleby po uprawie buraka cukrowego

Grzegorz Hury, Magdalena Sobolewska, Dariusz Dojss, Stanisław Pużyński & Marzena Gibczyńska

Subtle structure of streamers under conditions resembling those of Transient Luminous Events

Jan S. Błęcki & Krzysztof A. Mizerski

A novel null allele of C. elegans gene ceh-14

Emily A. Bayer & Oliver Hobert
We have generated a novel null allele, ot900, of the C. elegans LIM homeodomain gene ceh-14. All existing deletion alleles of ceh-14 were generated using a Tc1 transposon insertion, one of which, ch3, is a putative null based on the resulting frame-shift and a reduction in detectable mRNA and protein levels (Cassata et al. 2000). However, in our hands we have noticed a propensity of the ch3 allele to revert to wild-type after several generations,...

After the ACA Simplified Medicaid Enrollment, the Administration and Some States Are Making It Far More Complicated

Sara Rosenbaum, Maria Velasquez, Sara Rothenberg & Rachel Gunsalus
For years, the federal government and states have sought to get rid of enrollment barriers in Medicaid. Now a number of states are reversing course: 14 states have approved or pending Medicaid 1115 demonstrations designed to restrict Medicaid eligibility. Attention has focused on the demonstrations’ work mandates, but the experiments involve much more. Other features include extensive reporting rules — in some proposals enrollees must report on their eligibility status weekly — as well as...

Application of the red-shifted channelrhodopsin Chrimson for the Caenorhabditis elegans cGAL bipartite system

Mengyi Cao, Cynthia Chai, Jonathan Liu & Paul W. Sternberg
Channelrhodopsins are light-gated ion channels that serve as photoreceptors in photosynthetic microbes and have been applied as crucial optogenetic tools in genetic model organisms. When expressed in animals, they enable light-inducible control of ionic membrane permeability, which directly manipulates the activity of neurons expressing the protein. The application of channelrhodopsin-based optogenetics is particularly powerful when used in conjugation with the cGAL (GAL4-UAS) bipartite system (Wang, 2017). The mating of neuron-specific GAL4 driver lines to new...

The future of public sector forecasting in Australian agriculture

Rohan Nelson
The operating context of Australian agriculture has changed dramatically since Australian governments first committed to providing forecasting services for agriculture in the 1940s. This paper explores the evolution of these forecasting services, how the world has changed since then, and what this means for the future design of these services.

oxi-1 and fshr-1 are required for neuromuscular signaling under normal and oxidative stress conditions in C. elegans

Barry Wei & Jennifer R Kowalski
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) contribute to neuronal degeneration by readily reacting with cellular components, consequently breaking down cellular integrity. Excess ROS often leads to oxidative stress, which results from destabilization of the organism's ability to control the balance between antioxidants and free radicals (Chandra et al. 2015). The ubiquitin-proteasome system helps to regulate oxidative stress and overall damage to cellular components by forming chains of ubiquitin polypeptides on cellular proteins; these chains then serve as...

SapTrap assembly of repair templates for Cas9-triggered homologous recombination with a self-excising cassette

Daniel J. Dickinson, Mark M. Slabodnick, Alicia H. Chen & Bob Goldstein
The advent of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in C. elegans has enabled an unprecedented level of control over this organism’s genome, which is facilitating research in a wide variety of fields. Several different experimental approaches exist for CRISPR in this organism (Dickinson and Goldstein 2016). One particularly powerful approach uses a drug selection with a Self-Excising Cassette (SEC) to isolate the desired genetically-modified animals following Cas9-triggered homologous recombination (Dickinson et al. 2015). The most labor-intensive step in...

A C. elegans model for the rare human channelopathy, Timothy syndrome type 1.

Ross C. Lagoy, Heesun Kim, Craig C. Mello & Dirk R. Albrecht
Timothy syndrome (TS) type 1 is a rare genetic human disease caused by a gain-of-function (GOF) missense mutation G406R in the L-type voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) α1 subunit gene CACNA1C, which results in severe cardiac arrhythmia and autism (Splawski et al. 2004). The C. elegans ortholog is EGL-19 (Fig. 1a), which is expressed in muscle and neurons (Lee et al. 1997). GOF mutations in egl-19 cause myotonic phenotypes, while reduction-of-function (ROF) mutants are flaccid, variably...

Bogie Steering System Improving Alignment of the Urban Railway Vehicle in a Track


A Mechanical Model of Heart Valves with Chordae for in Silico Real-Time Computations and Cardiac Surgery Planning


Future opportunities for using forest and sawmill residues in Australia

Peter Lock & Linden Whittle
The Australian forest industry generates millions of tonnes of wood residues every year as a by-product of harvesting and sawmilling operations. The efficient use of harvest and sawmill residues can reduce disposal costs and create additional revenue streams, contributing to the international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian forest and wood processing industry. This report presents estimates of the potential production and use of harvest and sawmill residues in Australia in 2050. The modelling framework...

Distribution patterns of ocellated eagle rays, Aetobatus ocellatus, along two sites in Moorea Island, French Polynesia

Cécile Berthe, Viliame Pita Waqalevu, Lise Latry, Marc Besson, Franck Lerouvreur, Gilles Siu, Gaël Lecellier, Jodie L. Rummer, Frédéric Bertucci, Samuel Iglésias & David Lecchini
Elasmobranchs are critical to tourism industries worldwide. In French Polynesia, where ecotourism is the second most important industry, little is known about the spatiotemporal distribution of eagle rays. This study represents the first investigation into habitat use and behaviour of ocellated eagle rays (Aetobatus ocellatus) in French Polynesia focused on two sites with different levels of anthropogenic noise. Environmental variables and biological data were recorded over a one-year period to explore the distribution patterns of...

A new deletion allele of sma-4

Alexandra N. McKillop, Herong Shi & Jun Liu
sma-4 encodes the co-Smad of the BMP pathway in C. elegans, which is also known as the Sma/Mab pathway (Savage et al. 1996). Null mutations in core components of this pathway, including the BMP ligand DBL-1, the receptors SMA-6 and DAF-4, and the R-Smads SMA-2 and SMA-3, all result in a small body size phenotype without significantly compromising viability (Gumienny and Savage-Dunn 2013). However, we found that even after multiple rounds of out-crossing, two deletion...

Influence of Rotation on Transversely Isotropic Piezoelectric Rod Coated with a Thin Film

Rajendran SELVAMANI & Oluwole Daniel MAKINDE

EOR-1 mediates non-cell autonomous regulation of abts-1 gene expression in HSNs

Yoichi Shinkai & Motomichi Doi
In the present study, we investigated whether abts-1 expression in HSNs is dependent on neuronal activities through synaptic transmission. abts-1 is expressed in HSNs from the L4 larval stage onward (Shinkai et al. 2018). To measure abts-1 expression levels in HSNs, we used transgenic worms carrying vsIs138 [Pabts-1b::gfp, lin15(+)]. Quantitative fluorescent measurements were performed as previously described (Shinkai et al. 2018). Since presynaptic inputs are important for the GABA functional switch, we investigated the effect...

Tilt Measurements in Mechatronic Devices and Mobile Microrobots

Sergiusz ŁUCZAK

Immunofluorescence reveals neuron-specific promoter activity in non-neuronal cells

Sierra K. Lear, Alakananda Das & Miriam B. Goodman
Four transgenes designed to drive expression of Cre recombinase and a nuclear-localized blue fluorescent protein (::Cre::F2A::BFP::NLS::tbb-2 3'UTR) were expressed under the control of neuron-specific promoters. All transgenes were inserted into the ttTi5605 transposon insertion site in chromosome II of wild-type C. elegans animals (N2) using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing, equalizing any potential positional effects. We observed very faint BFP signal in live worms from the signal copy transgene insertions. Additionally, the signal was further masked by...

Snapshot of Australia's agricultural workforce

Bill Binks, Nyree Stenekes, Heleen Kruger & Robert Kancans
his snapshot describes Australia’s agricultural workforce, providing key information and statistics in one place. We cover where workers live, what sub-industries and occupations they work in, and the mobility and educational attainment of the workforce. The snapshot also describes the involvement of Indigenous people, People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, women and young people in the agricultural workforce.

Database of Marine Larval Fish Assemblages in Australian temperate and subtropical waters (NIMO) 1983 - 2016

James A. Smith, Anthony G. Miskiewicz, Lynnath E. Beckley, Jason D. Everett, Valquiria Garcia, Charles A. Gray, David Holliday, Alan R. Jordan, John Keane, Ana Lara-Lopez, Jeffrey M. Leis, Paloma A. Matis, Barbara A. Muhling, Francisco J. Neira, Anthony J. Richardson, Kimberley A. Smith, Kerrie Swadling, Augy Syahailatua, Matthew D. Taylor, Paul D. Van Ruth, Tim M. Ward & Ian M. Suthers

Will Evaluations of Medicaid 1115 Demonstrations That Restrict Eligibility Tell Policymakers What They Need to Know?

Sara Rosenbaum, Maria Velasquez, Rachel Gunsalus, Rebecca Morris & Alexander Somodevilla
ABSTRACT Issue: With thousands in Arkansas losing their Medicaid benefits under the state’s work-requirement demonstration, the importance of evaluating such experiments could not be clearer. In Stewart v. Azar, the court concluded that the purpose of Section 1115 demonstrations such as Arkansas’s is to promote Medicaid’s objective of insuring the poor; evaluations of these demonstrations, as required by law, inform policymakers whether this objective is being achieved. Goal: To examine the quality of evaluation designs...

What Is the Status of Women’s Health and Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Ten Other Countries?

Munira Z. Gunja, Roosa Tikkanen, Shanoor Seervai & Sara R. Collins
Women in the United States have long lagged behind their counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access to health care and health status. This brief compares U.S. women’s health status, affordability of health plans, and ability to access and utilize care with women in 10 other high-income countries by using international data.

A Theory of Undamageable Graphene


Lebenslauf von Andreas Heege & Andreas Heege – ein Forscher mit vielen Facetten Schriftenverzeichnis von Andreas Heege Tabula gratulatoria

Andreas Heege & Eva Roth Heege
Historische Archäologie

Numerical Simulation of Deflection and Stability of the Wooden Transmission Tower of Gliwice Radiostation

Błażej WOJACZEK, Andrzej KATUNIN, Janusz BROL & Katarzyna ADAMCZYK

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