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More Than One-Quarter of High-Cost Medicare Patients Have Persistent High Costs Over Three Years

José F. Figueroa, Xiner Zhou & Ashish K. Jha

The Dose, Episode 10: The Future of the Health Care Marketplaces

Shanoor Seervai

The Dose, Episode 2: A Menu of Medical Prices

Shanoor Seervai

Federal Protections in Health Care at Risk for Transgender Americans

Corinne Lewis, Yaphet Getachew & Mekdes Tsega

The Midterm Election Results Have Big Implications for Health Care

Donald B. Moulds, Sara R. Collins, Rachel Nuzum, Akeiisa Coleman & Shawn Bishop

Do States Know the Status of Their Short-Term Health Plan Markets?

Emily Curran, Kevin Lucia, Sabrina Corlette & Dania Palanker

What Recent Federal Courts’ Contraception Rulings Mean for Women’s Health in the U.S.

Shanoor Seervai & Roosa Tikkanen

Personas for People with Three or More Chronic Conditions

Tanya Shah, Meredith Brown, Becky Reed, Jason Hessing & Christine Maldonado

Getting Ready for Health Reform 2020: What Past Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us

Jeanne M. Lambrew

Immigrant Women’s Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Coverage and Care in the United States

Kinsey Hasstedt, Sheila Desai & Zohra Ansari-Thomas

The Promise of Advanced Illness Management to Improve Care at the End of Life

D. McCarthy, Martha Hostetter & Sarah Klein

Examining Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh’s Health Care Opinions

Timothy Jost

Direct Primary Care Arrangements Raise Questions for State Insurance Regulators

Maanasa Kona, Kevin Lucia & Sabrina Corlette

Kansas and Medicaid: New Evidence on Potential Expansion and Work Requirements

Anna Goldman & Benjamin Sommers

“Why I Love My Job”: Listening to Primary Care Physicians for Low-Income Patients

Shanoor Seervai

Hospital Care Prices Rose Faster Than the Cost of Physician Services

Zack Cooper Cooper, Stuart Craig, Martin Gaynor, Nir J. Harish, Harlan M. Krumholz & John Van Reenen

Health Insurance Coverage Eight Years After the ACA: Fewer Uninsured Americans and Shorter Coverage Gaps, But More Underinsured

Sara R. Collins, Herman K. Bhupal & Michelle M. Doty

Targeting High-Need Beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage: Opportunities to Address Medical and Social Needs

Eva H. DuGoff, William Buckingham, Amy J. H. Kind, Sandra Chao & Gerard F. Anderson

The Administration Tried to Make It Easier for States to Waive ACA Rules: Will Any Take the Plunge?

Justin Giovannelli & JoAnn Volk

Medicaid Expansion Across the Country: A Check-In on Recent Ballot Initiatives

Akeiisa Coleman, Rachel Nuzum & Susan L. Hayes

Why the Court Once Again Struck Down Federal Approval of Medicaid Work Experiments

Sara Rosenbaum

Up Close: Legislative Activity on Medicaid Heating Up Across the Country

Akeiisa Coleman & Rachel Nuzum

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