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The 30 December 2002 tsunamigenic landslides of Stromboli volcano: A reappraisal

Federico Di Traglia, Sonia Calvari, Luca Cassanego, Lorenzo Borselli, Flora Giudicepietro, Giovanni Macedoanio, Teresa Nolesini & Nicola Casagli
Volcanic mass flows constitute an important trigger of tsunamis, resulting in more local, although sometimes larger, impacts comparable to earthquake-induced tsunamis. Bearing in mind the destructive potential of these phenomena, the tsunamigenic landslide that occurred on 30 December 2002 on the unstable NW slope of Stromboli volcano in Italy has been re-examined here, by means of unpublished helicopter-borne (visible and thermal) images, and slope stability analysis. The main result of this study is that the...

Tropical mammal functional diversity increases with productivity but decreases with anthropogenic disturbance

Daniel Gorczynski, Chia Hsieh, Jadelys Tonos Luciano, Jorge Ahumada, Santiago Espinosa, Steig Johnson, Francesco Rovero, Fernanda Santos, Mahandry Hugues Andrianarisoa, Johanna Hurtado Astaiza, Patrick A. Jansen, Charles Kayijamahe, Marcela Guimarães Moreira Lima, Julia Salvador & Lydia Beaudrot
A variety of factors can affect the biodiversity of tropical mammal communities, but their relative importance and directionality remain uncertain. Previous global investigations of mammal functional diversity have relied on range maps instead of observational data to determine community composition. We test the effects of species pools, habitat heterogeneity, primary productivity and human disturbance on the functional diversity (dispersion and richness) of mammal communities using the largest standardized tropical forest camera trap monitoring system, the...

Data from: Geography of roadkills within the Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot: poorly known vertebrates are part of the toll

Pablo Medrano-Vizcaíno & Santiago Espinosa
We explore the effect of roads in animal mortality within the Biodiversity Hotspot with the highest number of endemic species of vertebrates on Earth, the Tropical Andes. Our objectives were to know which species are killed on roads in this particularly biodiversity-rich area and how landscape composition and configuration influences roadkills. We systematically looked for roadkills along roads that border three protected areas in the Ecuadorian Andes. To evaluate our hypotheses, we used correlation, logistic...

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