Stable resource polymorphism along the benthic littoral-pelagic axis in an invasive crayfish

Iris Lang, Charlotte Evangelista, Rebecca Marie Everts, GĂ©raldine Loot & Julien Cucherousset
Although intraspecific variability is now widely recognized as affecting evolutionary and ecological processes, our knowledge on the importance of intraspecific variability within invasive species is still limited. This is despite the fact that quantifying the extent of within-population morphological divergences associated with the use of different trophic or spatial resources (i.e. resource polymorphism) can help to better predict their ecological impacts on recipient ecosystems. Here, we quantified the extent of resource polymorphism within populations of...

Registration Year

  • 2020

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
  • Laboratory Evolution and Biological Diversity