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Data from: Removal of Cr6+ ions from water by electricosorption on modified activated carbon fibre felt

Xinkun Zhao, Bingxin Jia, Qianqian Sun, Gao-Jie Jiao, Lili Liu, Diao She & Gaojie Jiao
Electrosorption is a novel desalination technique that has many advantages in the treatment of sewage. However, commercially available activated carbon electrodes for electrosorption commonly have low microporosity, poor molding performance, and low adsorption and regeneration efficiency. Here we evaluated a novel adsorbent material, activated carbon fiber felt (ACFF), for electrosorption of chromium ions (Cr6+) in sewage treatment. The ACFF was modified with 20% nitric acid and its modified structure was characterized. The modified ACFF was...

Data from: Morphological and biological characterization of a light-colored mutant in the multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis

Yuanxing Sun, Yanan Hao, Yu Yan, Yi Zhang, Yi Feng, Tongxian Liu, Yuan-Xing Sun, Ya-Nan Hao & Tong-Xian Liu
1. Insect cuticle color formed with melanin pigments has numerous types of mutants which usually cause pleiotropic effects. Melanism has been widely studied, but mutants with light-colored phenotype as well as the consequent fitness changes have rarely been reported. 2. Here, in the laboratory strain of Harmonia axyridis, we found a novel mutant gr and confirmed that the mutation was inherited in a simple Mendelian autosomal recessive manner. This mutant (HAM) continuously displayed a light-colored...

Data from: Thermal regime drives a latitudinal gradient in morphology and life history in a livebearing fish

Rüdiger Riesch, Ryan A. Martin, Sarah E. Diamond, Jonas Jourdan, Martin Plath & R. Brian Langerhans
Within-species diversity is often driven by changing selective regimes along environmental gradients. Here, we provide a direct test of the environmental factors underlying phenotypic diversity across the wide native distribution of eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki). We investigated life-history and body-shape divergence (including multiple measures of body size) across more than 14 degrees of latitude in North America, and used Akaike’s information criterion-based model selection to determine the relative contributions of thermal regime, population densities and...

Data from: Rainfall pulse response of carbon fluxes in a temperate grass ecosystem in the semiarid Loess Plateau

Yakun Tang, Jun Jiang, Chen Chen, Yunming Chen & Xu Wu
Rainfall pulses can significantly influence carbon cycling in water limited ecosystems. The magnitude of carbon flux component responses to precipitation may vary depending on precipitation amount and antecedent soil moisture, associated with nonlinear responses of plants and soil microbes. The present study was carried out in a temperate grass ecosystem during 2013–2015 in the semiarid Loess Plateau of China, to examine the response of carbon fluxes to precipitation using the “threshold-delay” model. The unique contribution...

Data from: Effect on electrospun fibers by synthesis of high branching poly-lactic (PLA)

Wen Shen, Guanghua Zhang, Xuemei Ge, Yali Li & Guodong Fan
Poly-lactic electrospun porous fibers have been widely used in tissue engineering scaffolds. However, the application of linear Poly-lactic is limited due to its poor hydrophilicity, which leads to phase separation and has been seldom used in porous fiber preparation. Instead, using of branching Poly-lactic acts as a new effective method to prepare porous fibers because it can increase Poly-lactic polar property and make it easy to be formulated in the following application. In current study,...

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