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Data from: Local climate determines intra- and interspecific variation in sexual size dimorphism in mountain grasshopper communities

Paola Laiolo, Juan Carlos Illera & José Ramon Obeso
The climate is often evoked to explain broad-scale clines of body size, yet its involvement in the processes that generate size inequality in the two sexes (sexual size dimorphism) remains elusive. Here, we analyse climatic clines of sexual size dimorphism along a wide elevation gradient (i) among grasshopper species in a phylogenetically controlled scenario and (ii) within species differing in distribution and cold tolerance, to highlight patterns generated at different time scales, mainly evolutionary (among...

Data from: Use of multiple markers demonstrates a cryptic western refugium and postglacial colonisation routes of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in northwest Europe

Jamie R. Stevens, Anna K. Finnegan, Andrew M. Griffiths, R. A. King, Gonzalo Machado-Schiaffino, Jean-Pierre Porcher, Eva Garcia-Vazquez & Dylan Bright
Glacial and post-glacial processes are known to be important determinants of contemporary population structuring for many species. In Europe, refugia in the Italian, Balkan and Iberian peninsulas are believed to be the main sources of species colonising northern Europe after the glacial retreat, however, there is increasing evidence of small, cryptic refugia existing north of these for many cold-tolerant species. This study examined the glacial history of Atlantic salmon in Western Europe using two independent...

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  • 2013

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  • University of Oviedo
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