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Data from: Gene duplication in an African cichlid adaptive radiation

Heather E. Machado, Ginger Jui, Domino A. Joyce, Christian R. L. Reilly, David H. Lunt & Suzy C. P. Renn
Background: Gene duplication is a source of evolutionary innovation and can contribute to the divergence of lineages; however, the relative importance of this process remains to be determined. The explosive divergence of the African cichlid adaptive radiations provides both a model for studying the general role of gene duplication in the divergence of lineages and also an exciting foray into the identification of genomic features that underlie the dramatic phenotypic and ecological diversification in this...

Data from: Artificial selection on anther exsertion in wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum

Jeffrey K. Conner, Cynthia J. Mills, Vanessa A. Koelling & Keith Karoly
To study the genetic architecture of anther exsertion, a trait under stabilizing selection in wild radish, artificial selection on anther exsertion was applied for 11 generations. Two replicate lines each of increased and decreased exsertion plus two randomly-mated controls were included. Full pedigree information is available from generation five. To estimate correlated responses to selection, 571 plants from all lines and matrilines were grown in the greenhouse and a number of floral, growth, and phenology...

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  • 2014

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