Data from: Dancing together and separate again: gymnosperms exhibit frequent changes of fundamental 5S and 35S rRNA genes (rDNA) organisation

Ales Kovařík & Sonia Garcia
In higher eukaryotes, the 5S rRNA genes occur in tandem units and are arranged either separately (S-type arrangement) or linked to other repeated genes, in most cases to rDNA locus encoding 18S–5.8S–26S genes (L-type arrangement). Here we used Southern blot hybridisation, PCR and sequencing approaches to analyse genomic organisation of rRNA genes in all large gymnosperm groups, including Coniferales, Ginkgoales, Gnetales and Cycadales. The data are provided for 27 species (21 genera). The 5S units...

Registration Year

  • 2013

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  • Institute of Biophysics
  • University of Barcelona