Data from: Functional significance of petals as landing sites in fungus-gnat pollinated flowers of Mitella pauciflora (Saxifragaceae)

Koki R. Katsuhara, Shumpei Kitamura & Atushi Ushimaru
Despite the well-known visual attraction function of angiosperm petals, additional roles of these floral organs (e.g. the provision of landing-site platforms for pollinators) have rarely been examined. This is likely because most petals perform multiple functions, making it difficult to isolate the importance of landing sites in pollination success. We investigated the landing-site function of dull-coloured pinnately branched petals in Mitella pauciflora flowers, which are predominantly pollinated by fungus gnats. We conducted a field experiment,...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • Ishikawa Prefectural University
  • Kobe University