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Silencing circular RNA circ_0054537 and upregulating microRNA-640 suppress malignant progression of renal cell carcinoma via regulating neuronal pentraxin-2 (NPTX2)

Long Pei, Xianqiang Lv, Gaopei Jia, Xiaoliang Tan, Ming Li & Aili Zhang
Hsa_circ_0054537 (circ_0054537) is a novel tumor-related circular RNA in renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and we intended to ascertain its dysregulation and functions in RCC malignant progression, as well as the underlying mechanism via serving as competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA). In this research, using real-time quantitative PCR, we found circ_0054537 was upregulated in RCC tissues and cells, and distributed throughout the cytoplasm. Then, functional effects of circ_0054537 in RCC were detected using cell counting kit-8, transwell,...

Long non-coding RNA LINC00649 regulates YES-associated protein 1 (YAP1)/Hippo pathway to accelerate gastric cancer (GC) progression via sequestering miR-16-5p

Hongyan Wang, Xin Di, Yingjie Bi, Shidong Sun & Tao Wang
Although long non-coding RNA (LncRNA) LINC00649 is reported to be closely associated with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, its role in regulating other types of cancer, such as gastric cancer (GC), has not been studied. This study analyzed the expression status of LINC00649 in GC tissues and cells by performing Real-Time qPCR analysis, and we found that LINC00649 tended to be enriched in cancerous tissues and cells but not in their...


Junru Li, Shengshi Xie, Fei Liu & Xuan Zhao
ABSTRACT To improve the complex process of judging the degree of soil fragmentation during potato-soil separation and to establish a fast and effective judging method. Soil drop experiments were performed using sandy soil from the potato growing region of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The effects of soil moisture content, hardness, volume, drop height, inclination of the separating sieve and composition of the separating sieve rod on soil fragmentation were investigated. The fractal dimension...

MOVER-R and Penalized MOVER-R Confidence Intervals for the Ratio of Two Quantities

Peng Wang, Yilei Ma, Siqi Xu, Yi-Xin Wang, Yu Zhang, Xiangyang Lou, Ming Li, Baolin Wu, Guimin Gao, Ping Yin & Nianjun Liu
Developing a confidence interval for the ratio of two quantities is an important task in statistics because of its omnipresence in real world applications. For such a problem, the MOVER-R (method of variance recovery for the ratio) technique, which is based on the recovery of variance estimates from confidence limits of the numerator and the denominator separately, was proposed as a useful and efficient approach. However, this method implicitly assumes that the confidence interval for...

Injection of YiQiFuMai powder protects against heart failure via inhibiting p38 and ERK1/2 MAPKs activation

Yongwei Nie, Yanxin Zhang, Zhi Li, Meixu Wan & Dekun Li
Injection of YiQiFuMai (YQFM) powder, a modern Chinese plant-derived medical preparation, has a therapeutic effect in heart failure (HF). However, its therapeutic mechanism remains largely unknown. To investigate the molecular mechanisms of YQFM in HF. Kinase inhibition profiling assays with 2 mg/mL YQFM were performed against a series of 408 kinases. In addition, the effects of kinase inhibition were validated in cardiomyocyte cell line H9c2. In vivo, HF with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) was induced...

Long noncoding RNA LINC01426 promotes the progression of lung adenocarcinoma via regulating miRNA-125a-5p/ casein kinase 2 alpha 1 axis

Xiaoling Zhu, Jianguo Zhao & Jun Xu
Although long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) in lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) have been increasingly studied, LINC01426 has not been fully investigated in LUAD. The GEPIA database revealed that LINC01426 was upregulated in LUAD tissues. In our study, we further verified the significantly high expression of LINC01426 in LUAD tissues and cell lines. We also analyzed the LINC01426 expression level and LUAD clinical features and found that high LINC01426 expression was associated with tumor diameter; tumor, node, and...

Additional file 10 of Endolysins of bacteriophage vB_Sal-S-S10 can naturally lyse Salmonella enteritidis

Xinrui Wang, Lili Han, Jiaqing Rong, Huiying Ren, Wenhua Liu & Can Zhang
Additional file 10.

Protection of intestinal immune barrier against ischemia/reperfusion injury in a swine model using anisodamine hydrobromide

Guijuan Dong, Jun Yang, Xin Zhao & Shubin Guo
Abstract Intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) causes barrier impairment and bacterial influx. This study explored the protective effects of anisodamine hydrobromide (AH) on intestinal I/R injury caused by cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) after cardiac arrest (CA). After successful CPR, minipigs were randomly divided into two groups (n = 8): saline and AH (4 mg/kg), and then treated with saline or AH via central venous injection, respectively. The same procedures without ventricular fibrillation initiation were conducted in the Sham...

Overexpression of Fbxo6 inactivates spindle checkpoint by interacting with Mad2 and BubR1

Han-Zhang Xu, Zhuo-Qun Wang, Hui-Zhuang Shan, Li Zhou, Li Yang, Hu Lei, Bin Liu & Ying-Li Wu
The spindle assembly checkpoint prevents chromosome mis-segregation during mitosis by delaying sister chromatid separation. Several F-box protein members play critical roles in maintaining genome stability and regulating cell cycle progress via ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. Here, we showed that Fbxo6 critically regulated spindle checkpoint and chromosome segregation. Fbxo6 was phosphorylated during mitosis. Overexpression of Fbxo6 lead to faster exit from nocodazole-induced mitosis arrest through premature sister chromatid separation. Moreover, we found substantially more binuclear and multilobed...

Lanthanum-loaded peanut shell biochar prepared via one-step pyrolysis method for phosphorus removal and immobilization

Shengli Zhang, Tong Lin, Wei Li, Menglin Li, Kai Su, Junmin Chen & Hongwei Yang
Phosphorus (P) is a nutrient element triggering eutrophication. Therefore, the removal of excess phosphorus has become an emergent demand. In this study, lanthanum-loaded biochar (La-BC) was prepared via a simple one-step pyrolysis method. Its surface properties and structural characteristics were analyzed by SEM, XRD, FTIR and pHpzc. The phosphate removal by the La-BC was systematically investigated in batch mode. Results showed that the phosphorus adsorption obeyed the pseudo-second-order model and Langmuir isotherm. The calculated maximum...

Impact velocity and bruising analysis of potato tubers under pendulum impact test

Shengshi Xie, Weigang Deng & Fei Liu
ABSTRACT A study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between the factors (initial height, tuber mass, tuber temperature and impact material) and the impact characteristic variables (impact velocity and bruise volume) as determined by pendulum impact test-rig. It was verified that bruise volume and maximum velocity significantly increased with increasing initial height, while its minimum velocity and time of reaching the maximum velocity decreased during the same impact process. With increment of tuber mass, its...

STAT3-induced ZBED3-AS1 promotes the malignant phenotypes of melanoma cells by activating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Yang Wang, Nan Lou, Min Zuo, Fuqiang Zhu, Yan He, Zhiqiang Cheng & Xiaomei Wang
Melanoma is considered as the most frequent primary malignancy occurring in skin. Accumulating studies have suggested that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play critical parts in multiple cancers. In this study, we explored the molecular mechanism of ZBED3 antisense RNA 1 (ZBED3-AS1) in melanoma. We observed that ZBED3-AS1 expression was remarkably up-regulated in melanoma tissues, and high ZBED3-AS1 level was linked to unsatisfactory survival of melanoma patients. Then, we discovered that ZBED3-AS1 was overexpressed in melanoma...

HIF-1α promotes the keloid development through the activation of TGF-β/Smad and TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB pathways

Rui Lei, Jian Li, Feng Liu, Weihan Li, Shizhen Zhang, Yang Wang, Xi Chu & Jinghong Xu
A keloid is defined as an overgrowth of the dense fibrous tissues that form around a wound. Since they destroy the vascular network, keloid tissues often exhibit anoxic conditions. Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) is a core factor that mediates hypoxia stress responses and regulates the hypoxic cellular and biological behaviors. In this study, we found that the expression level of HIF-1α in keloid tissue was significantly higher than that in the normal skin tissue. Hypoxia-induced HIF-1α...

Data from: Analysis of hypoxia-inducible factor alpha polyploidization reveals adaptation to Tibetan plateau in the evolution of schizothoracine fish

Lihong Guan, Wei Chi, Wuhan Xiao, Liangbiao Chen & Shunping He
Background: Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is a master regulator that mediates major changes in gene expression under hypoxic conditions. Though HIF family has been identified in many organisms, little is known about this family in schizothoracine fish. Results: Duplicated hif-α (hif-1αA, hif-1αB, hif-2αA, and hif-2αB) genes were identified in schizothoracine fish. All the deduced HIF-α proteins contain the main domains (bHLH-PAS, ODDD, and TAD), also found in humans. Evidence suggests a Cyprinidae-specific deletion, specifically, a conserved...

Data from: Seasonal and spatial dynamics of gas ebullition in a temperate water-storage reservoir

Michal Tušer, Tomáš Picek, Zuzana Sajdlová, Tomáš Jůza, Milan Muška & Jaroslava Frouzova
Gas ebullition of river impoundments plays an increasingly significant role, particularly in transporting methane CH4 from their sediments to the atmosphere, and contributing to the global carbon budget and global warming. Quantifying stochastic and episodic nature of gas ebullition is complicated especially when conventionally conducted by using coverage-limited gas traps. Current knowledge of seasonality in a reservoir’s gas ebullition is lacking in the literature. For this reason, advanced acoustic surveying was intensively applied to determine...

Data from: Highly divergent 16S rRNA sequences in ribosomal operons of Scytonema hyalinum (Cyanobacteria)

Jeffrey R. Johansen, Jan Mareš, Nicole Pietrasiak, Markéta Bohunická, , Lenka Štenclová & Tomáš Hauer
A highly divergent 16S rRNA gene was found in one of the five ribosomal operons present in a species complex currently circumscribed as Scytonema hyalinum (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria) using clone libraries. If 16S rRNA sequence macroheterogeneity among ribosomal operons due to insertions, deletions or truncation is excluded, the sequence heterogeneity observed in S. hyalinum was the highest observed in any prokaryotic species thus far (7.3–9.0%). The secondary structure of the 16S rRNA molecules encoded by the...

Data from: Warming alters juvenile carp effects on macrophytes resulting in a shift to turbid conditions in freshwater mesocosms

Peiyu Zhang, Huan Zhang, Huan Wang, Sabine Hilt, Chao Li, Chen Yu, Min Zhang & Jun Xu
1. Multiple stressors such as climate change and eutrophication are responsible for the global decline of macrophytes in lakes. The loss of this key component can result in turbid conditions and a loss of important ecosystem functions and services, particularly in shallow lakes. Benthivorous fish, which can increase in abundance during eutrophication, can adversely affect macrophytes through physical disturbance, cascading effects on turbidity, suspended and attached algae (phytoplankton and periphyton) and direct consumption. However, whether...

Paeoniflorin reduce luxS/AI-2 system-controlled biofilm formation and virulence in Streptococcus suis

Jinpeng Li, Qingying Fan, Manyu Jin, Chenlong Mao, Hui Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Liyun Sun, Daniel Grenier, Li Yi, Xiaogai Hou & Yang Wang
Streptococcus suis (S. suis), more specifically serotype 2, is a bacterial pathogen that threatens the lives of pigs and humans. Like many other pathogens, S. suis exhibits quorum sensing (QS) system-controlled virulence factors, such as biofilm formation that complicates treatment. Therefore, impairing the QS involving LuxS/AI-2 cycle in S. suis, may be a promising alternative strategy for overcoming S. suis infections. In this study, we investigated paeoniflorin (PF), a monoterpenoid glycoside compound extracted from peony,...

Sweeping analysis of transcript profile in dengue virus serotype 3 infection and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection

Mingwang Long, Yue Pan, Junying Chen, Fan Jia, Han Wang, Daiying Li, Kai Feng, Lingmei Yan, Xiaodan Wang, Xuelei Ning, Lijuan Qiu, Juan Zhang & Qiangming Sun
Dengue virus infection mainly causes dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and/or dengue shock syndrome (DSS). However, ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) is one of the main pathogenic factors, and its pathogenic mechanism has not been fully elucidated. Recently, with the development of high-throughput sequencing, an increased number of RNAs have been confirmed to play a vital regulatory role in the process of virus infection. However, there is a lack of research on dengue virus infection and ADE. In...

Modeling and Active Learning for Experiments with Quantitative-Sequence Factors

Qian Xiao, Yaping Wang, Abhyuday Mandal & Xinwei Deng
A new type of experiment that aims to determine the optimal quantities of a sequence of factors is eliciting considerable attention in medical science, bioengineering, and many other disciplines. Such studies require the simultaneous optimization of both quantities and sequence orders of several components which are called quantitative-sequence (QS) factors. Given the large and semi-discrete solution spaces in such experiments, efficiently identifying optimal or near-optimal solutions by using a small number of experimental trials is...


Yuan Tang, Zhi Li, Yan Guo, Xianhua Yin, Shan Tu & Dapeng Zhang
The terahertz (THz) absorption spectra of 4- and 5-hydroxysalicylic acid were measured by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) in the range of 0.4-2.8 THz. The unit cells of both were calculated by density functional theory (DFT), and the theoretical simulation and experimental data were basically in agreement. To further interpret the origin of the characteristic absorption peaks, vibration characteristics and interactions of the unit cell model were analyzed by using potential energy distribution (PED) and interaction...

Additional file 14 of Methylome and transcriptome data integration reveals potential roles of DNA methylation and candidate biomarkers of cow Streptococcus uberis subclinical mastitis

Mengqi Wang, Nathalie Bissonnette, Mario Laterrière, Pier-Luc Dudemaine, David Gagné, Jean-Philippe Roy, Xin Zhao, Marc-André Sirard & Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu
Additional file 14: Table S9. The list of differentially expressed (DE) genes and their functional enrichment.

Additional file 18 of Methylome and transcriptome data integration reveals potential roles of DNA methylation and candidate biomarkers of cow Streptococcus uberis subclinical mastitis

Mengqi Wang, Nathalie Bissonnette, Mario Laterrière, Pier-Luc Dudemaine, David Gagné, Jean-Philippe Roy, Xin Zhao, Marc-André Sirard & Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu
Additional file 18: Table S13. The correlation between discriminant candidate biomarkers.

Additional file 18 of Methylome and transcriptome data integration reveals potential roles of DNA methylation and candidate biomarkers of cow Streptococcus uberis subclinical mastitis

Mengqi Wang, Nathalie Bissonnette, Mario Laterrière, Pier-Luc Dudemaine, David Gagné, Jean-Philippe Roy, Xin Zhao, Marc-André Sirard & Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu
Additional file 18: Table S13. The correlation between discriminant candidate biomarkers.

Additional file 6 of Methylome and transcriptome data integration reveals potential roles of DNA methylation and candidate biomarkers of cow Streptococcus uberis subclinical mastitis

Mengqi Wang, Nathalie Bissonnette, Mario Laterrière, Pier-Luc Dudemaine, David Gagné, Jean-Philippe Roy, Xin Zhao, Marc-André Sirard & Eveline M. Ibeagha-Awemu
Additional file 6: Table S1. Genes and their primer sequences used for real-time qPCR validation of RNA-sequencing results.

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