Data from: Climatic conditions produce contrasting influences on demographic traits in a long distance Arctic migrant

Ian R. Cleasby, Thomas W. Bodey, Freydis Vigfusdottir, Jenni L. McDonald, Graham McElwaine, Kerry Mackie, Kendrew Colhoun & Stuart Bearhop
The manner in which patterns of variation and interactions among demographic rates contribute to population growth rate (λ) is key to understanding how animal populations will respond to changing climatic conditions. Migratory species are likely to be particularly sensitive to climatic conditions as they experience a range of different environments throughout their annual cycle. However, few studies have provided fully integrated demographic analyses of migratory populations in response to changing climatic conditions. Here, we employed...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • Icelandic Institute of Natural History
  • University of Exeter