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Data from: Monadelpha (Euphorbiaceae, Plukenetieae), a new genus of Tragiinae from the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela and Brazil

Lynn J. Gillespie, Warren M. Cardinal-McTeague & Kenneth J. Wurdack
Monadelpha L.J.Gillespie & Card.-McTeag., gen. nov., is described as a new member of Euphorbiaceae tribe Plukenetieae subtribe Tragiinae, to accommodate Tragia guayanensis, a species known from western Amazonas, Venezuela and, newly reported here, from Amazonas, Brazil. The genus is unique in the subtribe for having 5-colpate pollen and staminate flowers with filaments entirely connate into an elongate, cylindrical staminal column terminated by a tight cluster of anthers. Phylogenetic analyses based on nuclear rDNA ITS and...

Data from: 346 target gene sequences from Vitaceae for Hyb-Seq

Jun Wen
The Vitaceae (the grape family) consists of 16 genera and ca. 950 species. It is best known for the economically important fruit crop -- the grape Vitis vinifera. The deep phylogenetic relationships and character evolution of the grape family have attracted the attention of researchers in recent years. We herein reconstruct the phylogenomic relationships within Vitaceae using nuclear and plastid genes based on the Hyb-Seq approach and test the newly proposed classification system of the...

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  • 2020

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