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Do prey recognise the varying risk of lion predation?

Matt W. Hayward
Predators can induce behavioural changes in prey that influence vigilance, grouping patterns and space use, and these can ultimately affect prey demography and trophic interactions. Consequently, prey must respond to the risk of predation, but little is known about the features that drive the spatial responses of prey species to predators. We tested whether prey rely more heavily on olfaction or vision in determining their proximity to lions reintroduced to Addo Elephant National Park, South...

Dietary flexibility promotes range expansion: the case of golden jackals in Eurasia

József Lanszki, Matthew W. Hayward, Nathan Ranc & Andrzej Zalewski
Aim: Exploring the drivers of the successful ongoing expansion of the golden jackal across Europe is essential to understand the species’ trophic ecology. We analysed which climatic and environmental factors affected the dietary composition of golden jackals and compared these drivers in the species’ historic and recently colonised distribution ranges. Location: Eurasia. Taxon: golden jackal (Canis aureus). Methods: Using 40 published data sets, we modelled the diet composition using 13 food categories based on the...

Rates of dispersal of cane toads during their global invasion

Richard Shine, Ross Alford, Ryan Blennerhasset, Gregory Brown, Jayna DeVore, Simon Ducatez, Patrick Finnerty, Matthew Greenlees, Shannon Kaiser, Samantha McCann, Lachlan Pettit, Ligia Pizzatto, Lin Schwarzkopf, Georgia Ward-Fear & Benjamin Phillips
Invasions often accelerate through time, as dispersal-enhancing traits accumulate at the expanding range edge. How does the dispersal behaviour of individual organisms shift to increase rates of population spread? We collate data from 44 radio-tracking studies (in total, of 650 animals) of cane toads (Rhinella marina) to quantify distances moved per day, and the frequency of displacement in their native range (French Guiana) and two invaded areas (Hawai’i and Australia). Here we show that toads...

Ion Solvation Repository (IonSolvR)

Kasimir Gregory, Gareth Elliott, Erica Wanless, GRANT WEBBER & Alister Page
The importance of ion-solvent interactions in predicting specific ion effects in contexts ranging from viral activity through to electrolyte viscosity cannot be underestimated. Moreover, investigations of specific ion effects in nonaqueous systems, highly relevant to battery technologies, biochemical systems and colloid science, are severely limited by data deficiency. Here, we report IonSolvR ? a collection of more than 3,300 distinct nanosecond-timescale ab initio molecular dynamics simulations of ions in aqueous and non-aqueous solvent environments at...

Subliminal Faces

Stephan Chalup
The dataset comprises 103 jpg images of house facades or related building elements. The facade images were selected to have enough structure so that some of them could be associated with abstract face-like patterns. For example, some windows may be interpreted as eyes, some doors as noses, and so on.

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  • 2022

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