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Data from: Actuarial senescence in a dimorphic bird: different rates of aging in morphs with discrete reproductive strategies

Melissa L. Grunst, Andrea S. Grunst, Vincent Formica, Marisa L. Korody, Adam M. Betuel, Margarida Barcelo-Serra, Rusty A. Gonser, Elaina M. Tuttle & Vincent A. Formica
It is often hypothesized that intra-sexual competition accelerates actuarial senescence, or the increase in mortality rates with age. However, an alternative hypothesis is that parental investment is more important to determining senescence rates. We used a unique model system, the white-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis), to study variation in actuarial senescence. In this species, genetically-determined morphs display discrete mating strategies and disassortative pairing, providing an excellent opportunity to test the predictions of the above hypotheses. Compared...

Data from: Developmental stress and telomere dynamics in a genetically polymorphic species

Andrea S. Grunst, Melissa L. Grunst, Rusty A. Gonser & Elaina M. Tuttle
A central objective of evolutionary biology is understanding variation in life-history trajectories and aging rate, or senescence. Senescence can be affected by tradeoffs and behavioral strategies in adults, but may also be affected by developmental stress. Developmental stress can accelerate telomere degradation, with long-term longevity and fitness consequences. Little is known regarding whether variation in developmental stress and telomere dynamics contribute to patterns of senescence during adulthood. We investigated this question in the dimorphic white-throated...

Data from: Extrapair mating and the strength of sexual selection: insights from a polymorphic species

Andrea S. Grunst, Melissa L. Grunst, Marisa L. Korody, Lindsay M. Forrette, Rusty A. Gonser & Elaina M. Tuttle
Extra-pair mating could drive sexual selection in socially monogamous species, but support for this hypothesis remains equivocal. We used lifetime fitness data and a unique model species, the dimorphic white-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis), to examine how extra-pair mating affects the potential for sexual selection. The morphs of this species employ distinct reproductive strategies, with white males pursuing extra-pair mating at higher rates than tan counterparts. Social and extra-pair mating is disassortative by morph, with paternity...

Data from: Partial incubation during egg laying reduces eggshell microbial loads in a temperate‐breeding passerine

Patricia B. Bollinger, Eric K. Bollinger, Steven L. Daniel, Rusty A. Gonser & Elaina M. Tuttle
Incubation prior to clutch completion may be adaptive if it maintains egg viability by inhibiting eggshell microbial growth, thus reducing the likelihood that the embryo becomes infected. To test this hypothesis, we examined the effect of partial incubation during egg laying on eggshell microbial loads in eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis breeding at a temperate‐zone site. We sampled eggshell microbes prior to and following four days of exposure to either partial incubation during the laying period...

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  • 2018

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