Data from: Extensive clonal spread and longevity of saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) provide insight into management plans

Mizuki K Takahashi, Liana M Horner, Toshiro Kubota, Nathan A Keller & Warren G Abrahamson
As an ecologically important foundation species, Serenoa repens provides crucial structural and functional services to many southeastern United States ecosystems. Its fruits are valuable to many vertebrates including medicinal uses by humans. Many land managers, however, consider Serenoa a troublesome plant that spread rapidly to dominate other plants. Accordingly, management plans have been developed to reduce Serenoa. Yet, we have little evidence of Serenoa spread/invasion. Furthermore, our understanding of its life history traits including generation...

Registration Year

  • 2011

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  • Bucknell University
  • Susquehanna University