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Data from: Longevity and life history coevolve with oxidative stress in birds

Csongor I. Vágási, Orsolya Vincze, Laura Pătraș, Gergely Osváth, Janka Pénzes, Mark F. Haussmann, Zoltán Barta & Péter László Pap
1. The mechanisms that underpin the evolution of ageing and life histories remain elusive. Oxidative stress, which results in accumulated cellular damages, is one of the mechanisms suggested to play a role. 2. In this paper we set out to test the ‘oxidative stress theory of ageing’ and the ‘oxidative stress hypothesis of life histories’ using a comprehensive phylogenetic comparison based on an unprecedented dataset of oxidative physiology in 88 free-living bird species. 3. We...

Data from: The influence of multiple functional demands on morphological diversification: A test on turtle shells

Charles Tristan Stayton, Lauren F. O'Conner, Nicole Marie Nisivoccia & Lauren F. O'Connor
Organismal parts are often involved in the performance of more than one function. The role of trade-offs in influencing phenotypic evolution of such parts is well-studied; less well-understood is their role in influencing phenotypic diversity. Increases in the number of functions a part is involved in may inhibit subsequent diversification, as the number of trade-offs increases. Alternately, such an increase might promote phenotypic diversification, by increasing adaptive landscape complexity and promoting specialization for different roles....

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  • 2018

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