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Species packing and the latitudinal gradient in local beta-diversity

Ke Cao, Richard Condit, Xiangcheng Mi, Lei Chen, Wubing Xu, David F. R. P. Burslem, Chunrong Cai, Min Cao, Li-Wan Chang, Chengjin Chu, Hu Du, Sisira Ediriweera, C. S. V. Gunatilleke, I. U. A. N. Gunatilleke, Zhanqing Hao, Jinbo Li, Guangze Jin, Buhang Li, Yankun Liu, Yide Li, Michael J. O'Brien, Xiujuan Qiao, Hongwei Ni, Guochun Shen, Xihua Wang … & Jens-Christian Svenning
The decline in species richness at higher latitudes is among the most fundamental patterns in ecology. Whether changes in species composition across space (beta-diversity) contribute to this gradient of overall local species richness (gamma diversity) remains hotly debated. Previous studies that failed to resolve the issue suffered from a well-known tendency for small samples in areas with high gamma-diversity to have inflated measures of beta-diversity. We provide here a novel analytical test, using beta-diversity metrics...

Environment filtering and dispersal limitation jointly shaped the taxonomic and phylogenetic beta diversity of natural forests in southern China

Wei Shi, Yong-Qiang Wang, Wu-Sheng Xiang, Xian-Kun Li & Kun-Fang Cao
Aim The mechanisms underlying the maintenance of biodiversity remain to be elucidated. Taxonomic diversity alone remains an unresolved issue, especially in terms of the mechanisms of species co-existence. We hypothesized that phylogenetic information could help to elucidate the mechanism of community assembly and the services and functions of ecosystems. The aim of this study was to explore the mechanisms driving floral diversity in subtropical forests and evaluate the relative effects of these mechanisms on diversity...

Data from: Papilio butterfly vs. hawkmoth pollination explains floral syndrome dichotomy in a clade of Lilium

Chang-Qiu Liu
This dataset contains data described in the paper recently accepted by Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society:“ Liu C-Q, Niu Y, Lu Q-B, Chen Z, Cai B, Fang Y, Gao Y-D. (2021) Papilio butterfly vs. hawkmoth pollination explains floral syndrome dichotomy in a clade of Lilium". The Leucolirion clade of Lilium contains species with either tepal-recurved or trumpet-shaped flowers. We hypothesized that the tepal-recurved flowers might be pollinated by butterflies and/or birds while the trumpet-shaped...

Phylogenomic and macroevolutionary evidence for an explosive radiation of a plant genus in the Miocene

Hanghui Kong, Fabien L. Condamine, Lihua Yang, AJ Harris, Chao Feng, Fang Wen & Ming Kang
Mountain systems harbor a substantial fraction of global biodiversity and, thus, provide excellent opportunities to study rapid diversification and to understand the historical processes underlying the assembly of biodiversity hotspots. The rich biodiversity in mountains is widely regarded as having arisen under the influence of geological and climatic processes as well as the complex interactions among them. However, the relative contribution of geology and climate in driving species radiation is seldom explored. Here, we studied...

Population genetic assessment of newly discovered, extremely small populations of Xanthocyparis Vietnamensis from southwestern China

Yu-Liang Jiang, Tsam Ju, Linda Neaves, Jia-Liang Li, Wei-Ning Tan, Yu-Song Huang, Yan Liu & Kang-Shan Mao
Xanthocyparis vietnamensis is an endangered species that is currently restricted to karst montane areas in southwestern China and Vietnam. This rare conifer was first recorded in 2002 from northern Vietnam and then in 2013 from Guangxi, China, yet little is known about its genetic diversity and population structure. We developed expressed sequence tag microsatellite markers (EST-SSR) for X. vietnamensis. Illumina HiSeq data were used to reconstruct the transcriptome of this species by de novo assembly....

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