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Data from: Nutritional geometry and fitness consequences in Drosophila suzukii, the Spotted-Wing Drosophila

Yvonne Young, Natasha Buckiewicz & Tristan A. F. Long
Since its arrival to North America less than a decade ago, the invasive Spotted-Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) has inflicted substantial economic losses on soft fruit agriculture due to its ability to oviposit into ripening fruits. More effective management approaches for this species are needed, but little is known about the factors that influence behavioral choices made by D. suzukii when selecting hosts, or the consequences that their offspring experience when developing in different environments. Using...

Data from: Community-level flammability declines over 25 years of plant invasion in grasslands

Josep Padull├ęs Cubino, Hannah L. Buckley, Nicola J. Day, Robin Pieper & Timothy J. Curran
1. Exotic plant invasions can alter fire regimes in plant communities. Invaders often possess traits that differ from native plants in the community, resulting in increases or declines in community-level flammability, changing fire regimes, and potentially causing long-term modifications to plant community composition. Although considering traits of multiple invaders and native species together is useful to better understand how invasions change community-level flammability, few studies have done this. 2 Measured morphological and flammability traits of...

Data from: Genetic trade-offs between male reproductive traits in Drosophila melanogaster

David C.S. Filice, Tristan A.F. Long, David C. S. Filice & Tristan A. F. Long
In Drosophila melanogaster, males engage in both extensive pre-and postcopulatory competition for the opportunity to mate with females and subsequently sire offspring. The selection pressure for increased male reproductive success has resulted in the evolution of a wide diversity of sexual traits. However, despite strong selection, individuals often exhibit considerable phenotypic variation in the expression of these traits, and it is unclear if any of this variation is due to underlying genetic trade-offs. Here, using...

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