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The Influence Law of Eccentric Load on the Performance of Yielding Bolt

Yang Tai, Hongchun Xia, Shaopin Huang, Jie Meng & Wei Li
In order to adapt high stress and large deformation of roadways, the prestressed yielding bolt has been developed. However, borehole deviation makes the boreholes out of perpendicular to the roadway surface, and the prestressed yielding bolt will be under eccentric load. In order to reveal the influence laws of eccentric load on the performance of the prestressed yielding bolt, the numerical simulation was carried out in this paper. Then, the influence of eccentric load on...

The sustainable development of coal mines by new cutting roof technology

Yang Tai, Bin Yu, Rui Gao, Qiangling Yao, Zhao Li & Hongchun Xia
China consumes more than 3.6 billion tons of coal every year, accounting for over 60% of the energy consumption. Therefore, the sustainable development of coal mine is a problem needed to be solved by the Chinese government. During the coal resources recovery, the protective coal pillars between the adjacent working faces cause the serious loss for coal resources. In order to solve the problem, it was put forward that the new technology of roof cutting...

Data from: Measuring researchers’ potential scholarly impact with structural variations: four types of researchers in information science (1979–2018)

Xiucai Yang, Jianhua Hou & Chaomei Chen
We propose a method to measure the potential scholarly impact of researchers based on network structural variations they introduced to the underlying author co-citation network of their field. We applied the method to the information science field based on 91,978 papers published between 1979 and 2018 from the Web of Science. We divided the entire period into eight consecutive intervals and measured structural variation change rates (DM) of individual authors in corresponding author co-citation networks....

Data from: Depth image super-resolution reconstruction based on a modified joint trilateral filter

Dongsheng Zhou, Ruyi Wang, Yang Xin, Qiang Zhang & Xiaopeng Wei
Depth image super-resolution (SR) is a technique that utilizes signal processing technology to enhance the resolution of a low-resolution (LR) depth image. Generally, the external database or high-resolution (HR) images are needed for acquiring the priori information to support the SR reconstruction. To overcome the limitation, a depth image SR method which does not need the reference of any external images is proposed. In the paper, a high-quality edge map is firstly constructed using a...

Data from: Experimental study of the supercritical CO2 diffusion coefficient in porous media under reservoir conditions

Junchen Lv, Yuan Chi, Changzhong Zhao, Yi Zhang & Hailin Mu
Reliable measurement of CO2 diffusion coefficient in consolidated oil-saturated porous media is critical for design, performance of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project. In this study, a thorough experimental investigation on supercritical CO2 diffusion in n-decane saturated Berea core (50 and 100 mD) was conducted at elevated pressure (10 to 25 MPa) and temperature (333.15 to 373.15 K), which simulated the real reservoir condition. Supercritical CO2 diffusion coefficients in...

Deep desulfurisation performance of thiophene with deep eutectic solvents loaded carbon nanotubes composites

Yue Liu
One source of air pollution is the combustion of sulfur compounds in fuel oil. Reducing sulfur content in fuel oil has become a hot issue demanding timely solutions. Using ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DESs) to remove sulfides in fuel oil has achieved good results presently. However, since DESs are liquid and their transportation and separation are inconvenient, a new way is proposed that the DESs are loaded on the carbon nanotubes (CNTs)...

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