Data from: Terrestrial-focused protected areas are effective for conservation of freshwater fish diversity in Lake Tanganyika

Adam W. Britton, Julia J. Day, Christopher J. Doble, Benjamin P. Ngatunga, Kirsty M. Kemp, Chris Carbone, David J. Murrell, B.P. Ngatunga, J.J. Day, D.J. Murrell, C.J. Doble & A.W. Britton
Freshwater protected areas are rarely designed specifically for this purpose and consequently their conservation benefit cannot be guaranteed. Using Lake Tanganyika as a test case we investigated the benefits of terrestrial-focussed protected areas on the alpha and beta taxonomic and functional diversity of the diverse endemic rocky-shore cichlid fishes. Lake Tanganyika has limited protected shorelines and continued human population growth in its catchment, which has potential for negative impacts on habitat quality and key biological...

Registration Year

  • 2017

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute
  • University College London