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Data from: Preference for conspecifics evolves earlier in males than females in a sexually dimorphic radiation of fishes

Tamra C. Mendelson, Jennifer M. Gumm, Michael D. Martin & Patrick J. Ciccotto
Speciation by sexual selection is generally modeled as the co-evolution of female preferences and elaborate male ornaments leading to behavioral (sexual) reproductive isolation. One prediction of these models is that female preference for conspecific males should evolve earlier than male preference for conspecific females in sexually dimorphic species with male ornaments. We tested that prediction in darters, a diverse group of freshwater fishes with sexually dimorphic ornamentation. Focusing on the earliest stages of divergence, we...

ABS questionnaire 2016 and Questionnaire results 2018 (46)

Barbara Cordell, Anup Kanodia & Gregory Miller
Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS), also known as Gut Fermentation Syndrome, is a rare but underdiagnosed condition. While scores of case studies of ABS are published, only one previous study examined ABS patients’ demographics, health history, lifestyle factors, and diet compared to a control group of household members. We designed a case-control study to identify factors that individuals with a diagnosis of ABS and those who live with them might have that differ from the general population....

Data from: Disentangling the factors that shape bromeliad and ant communities in the canopies of cocoa agroforestry and preserved Atlantic Forest

Reuber Antoniazzi, Wesley DaRocha, Jacques Delabie, Götz Schroth, Geraldo Fernandes & Frederico Neves
In tropical forest canopies, host tree characteristics shape epiphyte communities, and both host tree characteristics and epiphytes determine invertebrate communities, e.g., ants. Tree height is among the factors most often mentioned as a strong predictor for both bromeliad and ant communities. However, many factors interact dynamically in shaping the tree-bromeliad-ant association. Here, we investigated the effects of the host tree and canopy structural characteristics on both bromeliads and ants. We sampled bromeliads on 180 trees...

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