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Data from: A threat to loyalty: Fear of missing out (FOMO) leads to reluctance to repeat current experiences

Ceren Hayran, Lalin Anik & Zeynep Gürhan-Canli
We investigate a popular but underresearched concept, the fear of missing out (FOMO), on desirable experiences of which an individual is aware, but in which they do not partake. Through laboratory and field studies, we establish FOMO’s pervasiveness as a psychological phenomenon, present real-life contexts wherein FOMO may be experienced, and explore its behavioral consequences. Specifically, we show that FOMO poses a threat to loyalty by decreasing one’s intentions to repeat a current experience and...

The BenBioDen database, a global database for meio-, macro- and megabenthic biomass and densities

Tanja Stratmann, Dick Van Oevelen, Pedro Martínez Arbizu, Chih-Lin Wei, Jian-Xiang Liao, Mathieu Cusson, Ricardo A. Scrosati, Philippe Archambault, Paul V. R. Snelgrove, Patricia A. Ramey-Balci, Brenda J. Burd, Ellen Kenchington, Kent Gilkinson, Rénald Belley & Karline Soetaert
Benthic fauna refers to all fauna that live in or on the seafloor, which researchers typically divide into size classes meiobenthos (32/ 64 µm – 0.5/ 1 mm), macrobenthos (250 µm – 1 cm), and megabenthos (> 1 cm). Benthic fauna play important roles in bioturbation activity, mineralization of organic matter, and in marine food webs. Evaluating their role in these ecosystem functions requires knowledge of their global distribution and biomass. We therefore established the...

Natural history, phenotypic spectrum, and discriminative features of multisystemic RFC1-disease

Andreas Traschütz, Andrea Cortese, Selina Reich, Natalia Dominik, Jennifer Faber, Heike Jacobi, Annette Hartmann, Dan Rujescu, Solveig Montaut, Andoni Echaniz-Laguna, Sevda Erer, Valerie Cornelia Schütz, Alexander Tarnutzer, Marc Sturm, Tobias Haack, Nadège Vaucamps-Diedhiou, Helene Puccio, Ludger Schöls, Thomas Klockgether, Bart P. Van De Warrenburg, Martin Paucar, Dagmar Timmann, Ralf-Dieter Hilgers, Jose Gazulla, Michael Strupp … & Matthis Synofzik
Objective: To delineate the full phenotypic spectrum, discriminative features, piloting longitudinal progression data, and sample size calculations of RFC1-repeat expansions, recently identified as causing cerebellar ataxia, neuropathy, vestibular areflexia syndrome (CANVAS). Methods: Multimodal RFC1 repeat screening (PCR, southern blot, whole-exome/genome (WES/WGS)-based approaches) combined with cross-sectional and longitudinal deep-phenotyping in (i) cross-European cohort A (70 families) with ≥2 features of CANVAS and/or ataxia-with-chronic-cough (ACC); and (ii) Turkish cohort B (105 families) with unselected late-onset ataxia. Results:...

Song overlapping, noise and territorial aggression in great tits

Caglar Akcay, Y. Kagan Porsuk, Alican Avsar, Dilan Cabuk & C. Can Bilgin
Communication often happens in noisy environments where interference from the ambient noise and other signallers may reduce the effectiveness of signals which may lead to more conflict between interacting individuals. Signallers may also evolve behaviours to interfere with signals of opponents, e.g. by temporally overlapping them with their own, such as the song overlapping behaviour that is seen in some songbirds during aggressive interactions. Song overlapping has been proposed to be a signal of aggressive...

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  • 2020

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  • Koç University
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