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Data from: Multivariate phenotypic selection on a complex sexual signal

Jessie C. Tanner, Jessica L. Ward, Ruth G. Shaw & Mark A. Bee
Animal signals are complex, comprising multiple components that receivers may use to inform their decisions. Components may carry information of differing value to receivers, and selection on one component could modulate or reverse selection on another, necessitating a multivariate approach to estimating selection gradients. However, surprisingly few empirical studies have estimated the strength of phenotypic selection on complex signals with appropriate design and adequate power to detect non-linear selection. We used phonotaxis assays to measure...

Data from: Parasite and host elemental content and parasite effects on host nutrient excretion and metabolic rate

Nicole Chodkowski & Randall J. Bernot
Ecological stoichiometry uses the mass balance of elements to predict energy and elemental fluxes across different levels of ecological organization. A specific prediction of ecological stoichiometry is the growth rate hypothesis (GRH), which states that organisms with faster growth or reproductive rates will require higher phosphorus content for nucleic acid and protein synthesis. Although parasites are found ubiquitously throughout ecosystems, little is understood about how they affect nutrient imbalances in ecosystems. We (1) tested the...

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  • 2017

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