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Data from: Environmental estrogens cause predation-induced population decline in a freshwater fish

Daniel C. Rearick, Jessica Ward, Paul Venturelli & Heiko Schoenfuss
Understanding population-level effects of environmental stressors on aquatic biota requires knowledge of the direct adverse effects of pollutants on individuals and species interactions that relate to survival and reproduction. Here, we connect behavioral assays with survival trials and a modeling approach to quantify changes in antipredator escape performance of a larval freshwater fish following exposure to an environmental estrogen, and predict changes in population abundance. We quantified the effects of short-term (21 d) exposure to...

Data from: Conspicuous signal evolution in heterogeneous environments

Jessica L. Ward
A fundamental prediction of reproductive signal evolution is that selection should favor male courtship signals that are conspicuous with respect to the surrounding media. However, many species live in heterogeneous environments where spatiotemporal variability can degrade the efficacy of signals tuned to specific conditions. One rarely considered solution to this problem is to evolve generalized signals that can effectively transmit information under most of the conditions that are likely to be encountered. Here, I present...

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  • 2018

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