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Geomorphology variables predict fish assemblages for forested and endorheic rivers

Mark Pyron, Robert Shields, Emily Arsenault, James Thorp, Mario Minder, Caleb Artz, John Costello, Amarbat Otgonganbat, Bud Mendsaikhan & Alain Maasri
This dataset contains data from field collections described in the paper: “Shields, R., Pyron, M., Arsenault, E., Thorp, J., Minder, M., Artz, C., Costello, J., Otgonganbat, A., Mendsaikhan, B., Maasri., A. (2022) Geomorphology variables predict fish assemblages for forested and endorheic rivers. Ecology and Evolution. ECE-2021-08-01367”. Stream fishes are restricted to specific environments with appropriate habitats for feeding and reproduction. Interactions between streams and surrounding landscapes influence the availability and type of fish habitat, nutrient...

Data from: Trophic interactions regulate peatland carbon cycling

Kevin Wyatt
Peatlands are the most efficient natural ecosystems for long-term storage of atmospheric carbon. Our understanding of peatland carbon cycling is based entirely on bottom-up controls regulated by low nutrient availability. Recent studies have shown that top-down controls through predator-prey dynamics can influence ecosystem function, yet this has not been evaluated in peatlands to date. Here, we used a combination of nutrient enrichment and trophic-level manipulation to test the hypothesis that interactions between nutrient availability (bottom-up)...

Diet overlap among non-native trout species and native Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii) in two U.S. ecoregions

Mario Minder, Emily Arsenault, Bolortsetesg Erdenee, Alain Maasri & Mark Pyron
The invasion of freshwater ecosystems by non-native species can constitute a significant threat to native species and ecosystem health. Non-native trouts have long been stocked in areas where native trouts occur and have negatively impacted native trouts through predation, competition, and hybridization. This study encompassed two seasons of sampling efforts across two ecoregions of the western United States: The Great Basin in summer 2016 and the Yellowstone River Basin in summer 2017. We found significant...

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