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Data from: Foraging decisions with conservation consequences: Interaction between beavers and invasive tree species

Erika Juhász, Ákos Bede-Fazekas, Krisztián Katona, Zsolt Molnár & Marianna Biró
Herbivore species can either hinder or accelerate the invasion of woody species through selective utilization. Therefore, an exploration of foraging decisions can contribute to the understanding and forecasting of woody plant invasions. Despite the large distribution range and rapidly growing abundance of beaver species across the Northern Hemisphere, only a few studies focus on the interaction between the beaver and invasive woody plants. We collected data on the woody plant supply and utilization at 20...

Functional integration of multiple sexual ornaments: signal coherence and sexual selection

Gergely Hegyi, Miklós Laczi, Márton Herényi, Gábor Markó, Gergely Nagy, Balázs Rosivall, Eszter Szász & János Török
The sexual ornamentation of animals typically consists of multiple distinct traits. The classical research approach focuses on differences among these traits, but this approach may often be misleading because of correlations among distinct sexual traits of similar origins. There are many published studies on the correlation structures of sexual traits, but the way receivers take into account the components of an integrated, multi-component trait system remains mostly unknown. Here we propose a general analytical framework...

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  • 2022

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