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Subarctic afforestation: effects of forest plantations on ground-nesting birds in lowland Iceland

Aldís E. Pálsdóttir, Jennifer Gill, Jose Alves, Snaebjörn Palsson, Verónica Méndez, Harry Ewing & Tómas Gunnarsson
Planting forests is a commonly suggested measure to mitigate climate change. The resulting changes in habitat structure can greatly influence the diversity and abundance of pre-existing wildlife. Understanding these consequences is key for avoiding unintended impacts of afforestation on habitats and populations of conservation concern. Afforestation in lowland Iceland has been gaining momentum in recent years and further increases are planned. Iceland supports internationally important breeding populations of several ground-nesting, migratory bird species that mostly...

Data and code to explore annual cycle schedule adjustments in a long distance migrant

Camilo Carneiro, Tómas Gunnarsson & José Alves
Matching the timing of annual cycle events with the required resources can have crucial consequences for individual fitness. But as the annual cycle is comprised of sequential events, a delay at any point may be carried over to the subsequent stage (or more, in a domino effect) and negatively influence individual performance. To investigate how migratory animals navigate their annual schedule, and where and when it may be adjusted, we used full annual cycle data...

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  • 2022

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  • University of Aveiro
  • University Centre of the Westfjords
  • University of Iceland
  • University of East Anglia