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Data from: Retracted: Biomechanical characteristics of hand coordination in grasping activities of daily living

Liu Ming-Jin, Xiong Cai-Hua, Xiong Le, Huang Xiao-Lin, Ming-Jin Liu, Cai-Hua Xiong, Le Xiong & Xiao-Lin Huang
THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN RETRACTED Hand coordination can allow humans to have dexterous control with many degrees of freedom to perform various tasks in daily living. An important contributing factor to this important ability is the complex biomechanical architecture of the human hand. However, drawing a clear functional link between biomechanical architecture and hand coordination is challenging. It is not understood which biomechanical characteristics are responsible for hand coordination and what specific effect each biomechanical...

Data from: A novel mouse segmentation method based on dynamic contrast enhanced micro-CT images

Dongmei Y. Yan, Zhihong Z. Zhang, Qingming L. Luo & Xiaoquan Y. Yang
With the development of hybrid imaging scanners, micro-CT is widely used in locating abnormalities, studying drug metabolism, and providing structural priors to aid image reconstruction in functional imaging. Due to the low contrast of soft tissues, segmentation of soft tissue organs from mouse micro-CT images is a challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a mouse segmentation scheme based on dynamic contrast enhanced micro-CT images. With a homemade fast scanning micro-CT scanner, dynamic contrast enhanced...

In situ polyaniline coating of Prussian blue as cathode material for sodium-ion battery

Yu Luo, LingXiao Yang, Qing Liu & Youwei Yan
Prussian blue has great potential for using as a sodium cathode material owing to its high working potential and cube frame structure. Herein, this work reports a two-step method to synthesize Prussian blue with ascorbic acid (AA) as the ball-milling additive, which improves electrochemical rate performance of Prussian blue during the traditional co-precipitation method. The obtained Prussian blue sample exhibited a superior specific capability (113.3 mAh g-1 even at 20 C, 1 C=170 mA g-1)...

Data from: Common genetic variation in ETV6 is associated with colorectal cancer susceptibility

Meilin Wang, Dongying Gu, Mulong Du, Zhi Xu, Suzhan Zhang, Lingjun Zhu, Jiachun Lu, Rui Zhang, Jinliang Xing, Xiaoping Miao, Haiyan Chu, Zhibin Hu, Lei Yang, Cuiju Tang, Lei Pan, Haina Du, Jian Zhao, Jiangbo Du, Na Tong, Jielin Sun, Hongbing Shen, Jianfeng Xu, Zhengdong Zhang & Jinfei Chen
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified multiple susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer, but much of heritability remains unexplained. To identify additional susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer, here we perform a GWAS in 1,023 cases and 1,306 controls and replicate the findings in seven independent samples from China, comprising 5,317 cases and 6,887 controls. We find a variant at 12p13.2 associated with colorectal cancer risk (rs2238126 in ETV6, P = 2.67 × 10-10). We replicate this...

Data from: Combining high-throughput micro-CT-RGB phenotyping and genome-wide association study to dissect the genetic architecture of tiller growth in rice

Di Wu, Zilong Guo, Junli Ye, Hui Feng, Jianxiao Liu, Guoxing Chen, Jingshan Zheng, Dongmei Yan, Xiaoquan Yang, Lizhong Xiong, Qian Liu, Zhiyou Niu, Alan P. Gay, John H. Doonan & Wanneng Yang
Manual phenotyping of rice tillers is time consuming and labor intensive and lags behind the rapid development of rice functional genomics. Thus, automated, non-destructive phenotyping of rice tiller traits at a high spatial resolution and high-throughput for large-scale assessment of rice accessions is urgently needed. In this study, we developed a high-throughput micro-CT-RGB (HCR) imaging system to non-destructively extract 730 traits from 234 rice accessions at 9 time points. We could explain 30% of the...

Overexpression of an ALS-associated FUS mutation in C. elegans disrupts NMJ morphology and leads to defective neuromuscular transmission

Sebastian Matthias Markert, Michael Peter Skoruppa, Bin Yu, Ben Mulcahy, Mei Zhen, Shangbang Gao, Michael Sendtner & Christian Stigloher
The amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) neurodegenerative disorder has been associated with multiple genetic lesions, including mutations in the gene for FUS (Fused in Sarcoma), a nuclear-localized RNA/DNA-binding protein. Neuronal expression of the pathological form of FUS proteins in C. elegans results in mislocalization and aggregation of FUS in the cytoplasm, and leads to impairment of motility. However, the mechanisms by which the mutant FUS disrupts neuronal health and function remain unclear. Here we investigated the...

SARS-CoV-2 transmission and control in a hospital setting: an individual-based modelling study

Qimin Huang, Anirban Mondal, Xiaobing Jiang, Mary Ann Horn, Fei Fan, Peng Fu, Xuan Wang, Hongyang Zhao, Martial Ndeffo Mbah & David Gurarie
Background: Development of strategies for mitigating the severity of COVID-19 is now a top public health priority. We sought to assess strategies for mitigating the COVID-19 outbreak in a hospital setting via the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions. Methods: We developed an individual-based model for COVID-19 transmission in a hospital setting. We calibrated the model using data of a COVID-19 outbreak in a hospital unit in Wuhan. The calibrated model was used to simulate different intervention...

Data from: Chromosomal level reference genome of Tachypleus tridentatus provides insights into evolution and adaptation of horseshoe crabs

Li Gong, Guangyi Fan, Yandong Ren, Yongjiu Chen, Liqin Liu, Qiang Qiu, Yanli Qin, Bing-Jian Liu, Lihua Jiang, Haorong Li, Yan Zeng, Qionghua Gao, Chen Zhang, Zhongkai Wang, Hui Jiang, Jinfu Tian, He Zhang, Xin Liu, Xun Xu, Wen Wang, Zhenming Lv, Yongxin Li, Bingjian Liu & Zhenming Lü
Horseshoe crabs including Tachypleus tridentatus are a group of marine arthropods living fossil species which have existed on the earth for 500 million years. However, the genetic mechanisms underlying their unique adaptive ability are still unclear. Here, we assembled the first chromosome-level T. tridentatus genome, and proofed that this genome is of very high quality with contig N50 1.69 Mb. By comparison with other arthropods, some gene families of T. tridentatus experienced significant expansion, whichare...

Data from: Utility of real-time shear wave elastography in the assessment of testicular torsion

Zhenxing Sun, Mingxing Xie, Feixiang Xiang, Yue Song, Cheng Yu, Yanrong Zhang, Sachin Ramdhany & Jing Wang
Real-time shear-wave elastography (SWE) is a newly developed method which can obtain the stiffness of tissues and organs based on tracking of shear wave propagation through a structure. Several studies have demonstrated its potential in the differentiation between diseased and normal tissue in clinical practices, however the applicability to testicular disease has not been well elucidated. We investigated the feasibility and reproducibility of SWE in the detection of testicular torsion. This prospective study comprised 15...

Common kinematic synergies of various human locomotor behaviours

Bo Huang, Caihua Xiong, Wenbin Chen, Jiejunyi Liang, Bai-Yang Sun & Xuan Gong
Humans show a variety of locomotor behaviours in daily living, varying in locomotor modes and interaction styles with the external environment. However, how this excellent motor ability is formed, whether there are some invariants underlying various locomotor behaviours and simplifying their generation, and what factors contribute to the invariants remain unclear. Here we find three common kinematic synergies that form the six joint motions of one lower limb during walking, running, hopping, and sitting-down-standing-up (movement...

Data from: Bi-channel image registration and deep-learning segmentation (BIRDS) for efficient, versatile 3D mapping of mouse brain

Peng Fei
We have developed an open-source software called BIRDS (bi-channel image registration and deep-learning segmentation) for the mapping and analysis of 3D microscopy data and applied this to the mouse brain. The BIRDS pipeline includes image pre-processing, bi-channel registration, automatic annotation, creation of a 3D digital frame, high-resolution visualization, and expandable quantitative analysis. This new bi-channel registration algorithm is adaptive to various types of whole-brain data from different microscopy platforms and shows dramatically improved registration accuracy....

Indirect comparison between immunotherapy alone and immunotherapy plus chemotherapy as first-line treatment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A systematic review

Lingling Li, Shu Xia, Fei Xu, Yu Chen, Xiaoli Ren, Yu Liu & Yuan Chen
Objectives: Use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) as first-line treatment for advanced (stage IIIB/IV) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) remains controversial. Clinical trials comparing single-drug immunotherapy (IO) with immunotherapy plus chemotherapy (IC) are lacking. We aimed to compare the efficacy of IO alone with that of IC as first-line treatment for advanced NSCLC. Design: Systematic review Data sources: PubMed, the Cochrane Library, and Embase for related studies on NSCLC; ClinicalTrials.gov, American Society of Clinical Oncology...

Data from: Progression of cognitive decline before and after incident stroke

Fanfan Zheng, Li Yan, Baoliang Zhong, Zhenchun Yang & Wuxiang Xie
Objective: To determine the trajectory of cognitive decline before and after incident stroke. Methods: By using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, we studied 9278 nondemented participants with no history of stroke who underwent cognitive assessment at baseline (wave 1), and at least one other timepoint (waves 2 to 7). We used linear mixed models to analyze repeated measures and longitudinal data. Results: Among the 9278 participants (56.8% women, mean age 63.1±10.3 years),...

Data from: Integrating viscoelastic mass spring dampers into position-based dynamics to simulate soft tissue deformation in real time

Lang Xu, Yuhua Lu & Qian Liu
We propose a novel method to simulate soft tissue deformation for virtual surgery applications. The method considers the mechanical properties of soft tissue, such as its viscoelasticity, nonlinearity, and incompressibility; its speed, stability, and accuracy also meet the requirements for a surgery simulator. Modifying the traditional equation for mass spring dampers introduces nonlinearity and viscoelasticity into the calculation of elastic force. Then, the elastic force is used in the constraint projection step for naturally reducing...

Data from: IL-33 mediated iLC2 activation and neutrophil IL-5 production in the lung response after severe trauma: a reverse translation study from a human cohort to a mouse trauma model

Jing Xu, Jesse Guardado, Rosemary Hoffman, Hui Xu, Rami Namas, Yoram Vodovotz, Li Xu, Mostafa Ramadan, Joshua Brown, Heth R. Turnquist & Timothy R. Billiar
Background: The immunosuppression and immune dysregulation that follows severe injury includes type 2 immune responses manifested by elevations in interleukin (IL) 4, IL5, and IL13 early after injury. We hypothesized that IL33, an alarmin released early after tissue injury and a known regulator of type 2 immunity, contributes to the early type 2 immune responses after systemic injury. Methods and findings: Blunt trauma patients admitted to the trauma intensive care unit of a level I...

Data from: Diagnostic value of transthoracic echocardiography in patients with coarctation of aorta: the Chinese experience in 53 patients studied between 2008 and 2012 in one major medical center

Zhenxing Sun, Tsung O. Cheng, Ling Li, Li Zhang, Xinfang Wang, Nianguo Dong, Qing Lv, Ke Li, Li Yuan, Jing Wang & Mingxing Xie
Although aortography is well known as the “gold standard” for the diagnosis of coarctation of aorta (CoA), the method is invasive, expensive and not readily accepted by some patients. Ultrasound diagnosis for CoA is non-invasive, inexpensive, readily accepted by every patient, and can be repeated as frequently as necessary. The purpose of this presentation is to evaluate the applicability of transthoracic echocardiography for the diagnosis of CoA. The echocardiographic appearances of 53 patients with CoA...

Data from: Ferromagnetically filled carbon nano-onions: the key role of sulfur in dimensional, structural and electric control

Daniel Medranda, Joanna Borowiec, Xiaotian Zhang, Shanling Wang, Kai Yan, Jingdong Zhang, Yi He, Sameera Ivaturi, Filippo S. Boi & Xiao Zhang
A key challenge in the fabrication of ferromagnetically filled carbon nano-onions (CNOs) is the control of their thickness, dimensions and electric properties. Up to now literature works have mainly focused on the encapsulation of different types of ferromagnetic materials including α-Fe, Fe3C, Co, FeCo, FePd3 and others within CNOs. However, no report has yet shown a suitable method for controlling both the number of shells, diameter and electric properties of the produced CNOs. Here, we...

Serial two-photon tomography (STPT) of the brain through bi-channel image registration and deep learning segmentation (BIRDS)

Peng Fei
We have developed an open-source software called BIRDS (bi-channel image registration and deep learning segmentation) for the mapping and analysis of 3D microscopy data and applied this to the mouse brain. The BIRDS pipeline includes image pre-processing, bi-channel registration, automatic annotation, creation of a 3D digital frame, high-resolution visualization, and expandable quantitative analysis. This new bi-channel registration algorithm is adaptive to various types of whole-brain data from different microscopy platforms and shows dramatically improved registration...

Supplemental materials: Plasma titanium level is positively associated with metabolic syndrome : a survey in China’s heavy metal polluted regions

Miao Huang, Yao Lu, Jingyuan Chen, Guangyu Yan, Yiping Yang, Dan Luo, Xiang Chen, Meian He, Hong Yuan & Zhijun Huang
Supplemental materials of a manuscript titled "Plasma titanium level is positively associated with metabolic syndrome : a survey in China’s heavy metal polluted regions".

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