Data from: Vertical canopy gradient shaping the stratification of leaf-chewer-parasitoid interactions in a temperate forest

Martin Šigut, Hana Šigutová, Jan Šipoš, Petr Pyszko, Nela Kotásková & Pavel Drozd
Knowledge about herbivores and their parasitoids in forest canopies remains limited, despite their diversity and ecological importance. Thus, it is important to understand the factors that shape the herbivore–parasitoid community structure, particularly the effect of vertical gradient. We investigated a quantitative community dataset of exposed and semiconcealed leaf‐chewing larvae and their parasitoids along a vertical canopy gradient in a temperate forest. We sampled target insects using an elevated work platform in a 0.2 ha broadleaf...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • University of Ostrava