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Data from: Haldane’s rule revisited: do hybrid females have a shorter lifespan? Survival of hybrids in a recent contact zone between two large gull species

Grzegorz Neubauer, Piotr Nowicki & Magdalena Zagalska-Neubauer
Haldane’s rule predicts that particularly high fitness reduction should affect the heterogametic sex of interspecific hybrids. Despite the fact that hybridization is widespread in birds, survival of hybrid individuals is rarely addressed in studies of avian hybrid zones, possibly because of methodological constraints. Here, having applied capture-mark-recapture models to an extensive, 19-year-long dataset on individually marked birds, we estimate annual survival rates of hybrid individuals in the hybrid zone between herring (Larus argentatus) and Caspian...

Data from: Experimentally increased reproductive effort alters telomere length in the blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)

Joanna Sudyka, Aneta Arct, Szymon Drobniak, Anna Dubiec, Lars Gustafsson & Mariusz Cichoń
Telomeres have recently been suggested to play important role in ageing and are considered to be a reliable ageing biomarkers. The life history theory predicts that costs of reproduction should be expressed in terms of accelerated senescence, and some empirical studies do confirm such presumption. Thus, a link between reproductive effort and telomere dynamics should be anticipated. Recent studies have indeed demonstrated that reproduction may trigger telomere loss, but actual impact of reproductive effort has...

Data from: ‘True’ null allele detection in microsatellite loci: a comparison of methods, assessment of difficulties, and survey of possible improvements

Michał J. Dąbrowski, Susanne Bornelöv, Marcin Kruczyk, Nicholas Baltzer & Jan Komorowski
Null alleles are alleles that for various reasons fail to amplify in a PCR assay. The presence of null alleles in microsatellite data is known to bias the genetic parameter estimates. Thus, efficient detection of null alleles is crucial, but the methods available for indirect null allele detection return inconsistent results. Here, our aim was to compare different methods for null allele detection, to explain their respective performance and to provide improvements. We applied several...

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  • 2014

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