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Exploring the interplay between natural and intersexual selection on the evolution of a cognitive trait

Marie Barou-Dagues & Frédérique Dubois
There has been an increased focus on the role of natural and sexual selection in shaping cognitive abilities, but the importance of the interaction between both forces remain largely unknown. Intersexual selection through female mate choice might be an important driver of the evolution of cognitive traits, especially in monogamous species, where females may obtain direct fitness benefits by choosing mates with better cognitive abilities. However, the importance given by females to male cognitive traits...

Fisheries bycatch mitigation measures as an efficient tool for the conservation of seabird populations

Anaïs Dasnon, Karine Delord, Adrien Chaigne & Christophe Barbraud
The impact of industrial fisheries on marine biodiversity is conspicuous in large pelagic vertebrate fisheries bycatch. In seabirds, this led to the decline of many populations since the 1980s following the rise of global fishing efforts. Bycatch mitigation measures were implemented in the 2000s, but their effects on the concerned seabird populations remain poorly quantified and understood. We studied the effects of bycatch mitigation measures on the demography of the white-chinned petrel, one of the...

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  • 2022

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