Data from: Random-sequence genetic oligomer pools display an innate potential for ligation and recombination

Hannes Mutschler, Alexander I. Taylor, Benjamin T. Porebski, Alice Lightowlers, Gillian Houlihan, Mikhail Abramov, Piet Herdewijn & Philipp Holliger
Recombination, the exchange of information between different genetic polymer strands, is of fundamental importance in biology for genome maintenance and genetic diversification mediated by dedicated recombinase enzymes. Here, we describe a pervasive non-enzymatic capacity for recombination (and ligation) in random-sequence genetic oligomer pools. Specifically, we examine random and semi-random eicosamer (N20) pools of RNA, DNA and the unnatural genetic polymers ANA (arabino-), HNA (hexitol-) and AtNA (altritol-nucleic acids). While DNA, ANA and HNA pools proved...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • KU Leuven