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The impact of methanol on behaviour: Dataset from zebrafish (Danio rerio) behavioural research

Trevor Hamilton, Jeffrey Krook, Joshua Szaszkiewicz & Warren Burggren
In many pharmacological and toxicological studies solvents are used as vehicles for the compound of interest. The solvents themselves may have effects on their own, therefore, it is important to test the impact of the solvent on the preparation prior to conducting the study. Methanol, (CH3OH), is a solvent used in many studies, and one we have used as a vehicle for benzo[a]pyrene. This data contains raw videos of zebrafish after exposure to 0, 0.25%,...

Detection histories for Lycalopex griseus, Lycalopex culpaeus, Leopardus guigna, and Canis familiaris and habitat destruction covariate data for Los Lagos Chile (2019)

Rumaan Malhotra, Jaime Jiménez & Nyeema Harris
In an increasingly anthropogenic world, species face multiple interacting threats. Habitat fragmentation and domestic dogs are two perturbations threatening terrestrial mammals globally. Our aim was to determine if (1) the spatial use of domestic dogs increases with habitat destruction and (2) whether domestic dogs and habitat destruction drive the spatial use of native carnivores in a heavily degraded agricultural landscape in the central valley/Andean foothills transition of Los Lagos, Chile. We implemented a camera trap...

Plastic responses to hot temperatures homogenize riparian leaf litter, speed decomposition, and reduce detritivores

Joann Jeplawy, Hillary Cooper, Jane Marks, Richard Lindroth, Morgan Andrews, Zacchaeus Compson, Catherine Gehring, Kevin Hultine, Kevin Grady, Thomas Whitham, Gerard Allan & Rebecca Best
Efforts to maintain the function of critical ecosystems under climate change often begin with foundation species. In the southwestern US, cottonwood trees support diverse communities in riparian ecosystems that are threatened by rising temperatures. Genetic variation within cottonwoods shapes communities and ecosystems, but these effects may be modified by phenotypic plasticity, where genotype traits change in response to environmental conditions. Here, we investigated plasticity in Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii) leaf litter traits as well as...

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