A new mechanism for a familiar mutation – bovine DGAT1 K232A modulates gene expression through multi-junction exon splice enhancement

Thomas Lopdell, Tania Fink, Kathryn Tiplady, Renee Handley, Thomas Johnson, Richard Spelman, Stephen Davis, Russell Snell & Mathew Littlejohn
The DGAT1 gene encodes an enzyme responsible for catalysing the terminal reaction in mammary triglyceride synthesis, and underpins a well-known pleiotropic quantitative trait locus (QTL) with a large influence on milk composition phenotypes. Since first described over 15 years ago, a protein-coding variant K232A has been assumed as the causative variant underlying these effects, following in-vitro studies that demonstrated differing levels of triglyceride synthesis between the two protein isoforms. In the current study, we used...

Registration Year

  • 2020

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  • Dataset


  • Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • University of Auckland