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Data from: Mysuru City Bird Atlas (2014–16): a systematic study of birds across space and time

A. Shivaprakash, B.R. Sheshgiri & Suhel Quader
The Mysuru City Bird Atlas is an ambitious volunteer project to map the birds of an entire city – the first systematic effort of its kind in India. Mysuru city was gridded into a set of square cells, and each cell was surveyed for birds in the winter and in the summer of 2014, 2015 and 2016. The goal of this effort was to assess the distribution and abundance of the birds of Mysuru such...

Predicting parasite dynamics in mixed-use trans-Himalayan pastures to underpin management of cross-transmission between livestock and bharal

Munib Khanyari
The complexities of multi-use landscapes require sophisticated approaches to addressing disease transmission risks. We explored gastro-intestinal nematode (GINs) infections in the North India Trans-Himalayas through a socio-ecological lens, integrating parasite transmission modelling with field surveys and local knowledge, and evaluated the likely effectiveness of potential interventions. Bharal (blue sheep; Pseudois nayaur), a native wild herbivore, and livestock share pasture year-round and livestock commonly show signs of GINs infection. While both wild and domestic ungulates had...

Rawdatafiles for snow leopard population estimation

Manvi Sharma
1. Effective management of charismatic large carnivores requires robust monitoring of their population at local, regional and global scales. While enormous progress has been made to estimate carnivore populations at local scales, estimates at regional and global scales remain elusive. In the first systematic effort at a large regional scale, we estimated the population of the elusive snow leopard Panthera uncia over an area of 26,112 km2 in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. 2....

Tropical forest restoration in the Eastern Himalaya: Evaluating early survival and growth of native tree species

Noopur Borawake, Aparajita Datta & Rohit Naniwadekar
Asian tropical forests have among the highest rates of forest loss in the world. Ecological restoration is a vital step for biodiversity maintenance and climate change mitigation. For restoration practice, evaluation of species performance at early stages is crucial to avoid failure of the efforts and for screening species suitable to a region. Though the long-term performance of restoration plantings has been well-documented, few studies have evaluated the performance during the establishment of the planted...

Data on bird communities and vegetation in relation to altitude and habitat alteration in the Kalakad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, India

T. R. Shankar Raman, Divya Mudappa, Panchapakesan Jeganathan, Niranjan V. Joshi & Raman Sukumar
The dataset contains data on bird communities and habitat collected between 1997 and 1999 from Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu, India, related to the following two publications: Raman, T. R. S., Joshi, N. V. & Sukumar, R. 2005. Tropical rainforest bird community structure in relation to altitude, tree species composition, and null models in the Western Ghats, India. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 102: 145-157. https://archive.org/details/journalofbomb10222005bomb/page/145/mode/2up Raman, T. R. S. & Sukumar,...

Effects of canopy cover on fruiting intensity and fruit removal of a tropical invasive weed

Yukti V. Taneja, Navendu V. Page, R. Suresh Kumar & Rohit Naniwadekar
Lantana camara (hereafter, Lantana) is among the worst invasive alien plants spread extensively across Africa, Australia and Asia at an alarming rate, posing significant challenges to conservation of native biodiversity. While, Lantana invasion is widely recognised to be more pronounced in open-canopy habitats (including deciduous forests, forest edges and gaps), the potential role of variation in seed dispersal across habitats varying in overstory canopy cover is poorly understood. Avian frugivores are among primary seed dispersers...

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