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Cumulative germination of seeds ingested by black howler monkeys

Julieta Benitez Malvido & Ana Maria González-Di Pierro
Premise of the Study: Primates are important seed dispersers, especially for large-seeded (> 1 cm length) tropical species in continuous and fragmented rainforests. Methods: In three forest fragments within the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, southern Mexico, we investigated the effect of howler monkeys´ (Alouatta pigra) gut passage on the germination rate and maximum germination (%) of native large-seeded species. One group of howler monkeys, per fragment, was followed and fresh feces collected. Large seeds were...

Camera-trapping records of birds and mammals visiting water-filled tree holes in the Calakmul region in southern Mexico

Carlos M. Delgado-Martínez, Sabine J. Cudney-Valenzuela & Eduardo Mendoza
Using camera-traps we documented that 21 bird and 9 mammal species visited water-filled tree holes (dendrotelmata) in the seasonal tropical forest of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, in southern Mexico. These species visited dendrotelmata primarily for foraging and drinking. The overall use of dendrotelmata was equally frequent between dry and rainy seasons but drinking behavior increased among birds during the dry season. This dataset includes information on the identity of visiting species, time and date of...

Landscape structure shapes the diversity of tree seedlings at multiple spatial scales in a fragmented tropical rainforest

Sergio Nicasio-Arzeta, Julieta Benítez-Malvido, Isela Zermeño-Hernández & Susana Maza-Villalobos
The maintenance of seedling diversity of animal-dispersed tree species is fundamental for the structure and function of forest patches in fragmented tropical rainforests. Nonetheless, the effects of landscape structure at different spatial scales on α- and β-diversity of tree seedling communities are recently explored. Using a multi-scale approach, we assessed the relative effect of landscape composition and configuration on α- and β-diversity of animal-dispersed seedlings within 16 forest patches in the Lacandona rainforest, Mexico. We...

Data for influence of avocado orchard landscapes on amphibians and reptiles in the trans-Mexican volcanic belt

Ireri Suazo-Ortuño, Ismaela Vega-Agavo, Leonel Lopez-Toledo, Neftali Sillero, Alberto Gómez-Tagle, Ruben Pineda-López & Javier Alvarado-Díaz
This database was used to evaluate the response of the local herpetofauna to conversion of POF to avocado orchards (AO) in the trans-Mexican volcanic belt in Western Mexico (Michoacán state). We also explored the effects of forest cover on species that differ in their levels of habitat specialization. In the avocado belt in Michoacan, we sampled 12 sites representing a gradient of AO embedded in native POF to evaluate the variation in structure of local...

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  • 2021

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