Data from: Contrasting population structure and demographic history of cereal aphids in different environmental and agricultural landscapes

Ramiro Morales-Hojas, Jingxuan Sun, Fernando Alvira-Iraizoz, Xiaoling Tan & Julian Chen
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms files and phylogonetic trees of S. miscanthi samples collected in China and S. avenae from the UK used to study the population genetics analyses of these species. These are: dataset of SNPs from S. miscanthi sampled in 10 populations of China obtained using FreeBayes (in vcf format). SNPs from S. miscanthi after filtering the file using vcftools (max-missing 0.75, minDP 3, mac 3, minQ 30, remove-indels, thin 2000, max-missing...

Registration Year

  • 2020

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • Institute of Plant Protection
  • Rothamsted Research