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Data from: Using semidefinite programming to optimize unequal deployment of genotypes to a clonal seed orchard

Jon Ahlinder, Timothy J. Mullin & Makoto Yamashita
Tree breeders must often consider the conservation of genetic diversity, while at the same time, maximizing response to selection. In the case of seed orchards, the buyer of seed wants maximum performance, while satisfying a restriction, sometimes legislated, on the diversity deployed to the forest. Optimal selection will not completely avoid kinship but rather maximize gain while imposing a constraint on average relatedness. Here, we present the application of semidefinite programming (SDP) as a flexible...

Data from: Thermodynamic constraints and the evolution of parental provisioning in vertebrates

Madeleine Beekman, Michael Thompson & Marko Jusup
Why is post-natal parental provisioning so rare in ectothermic vertebrates while prolonged parental care is almost ubiquitous in endotherms? We argue that the scarcity of post-natal parental care is a result of ectothermy itself. While almost all endothermic young require prolonged post-natal care due to thermal constraints, ectothermic physiology does not pose the same constraint. Most ectothermic young are thus independent from birth. Ectothermic mothers are better off investing in future reproductive events than to...

Data from: Heterochromatin suppresses gross chromosomal rearrangements at centromeres by repressing Tfs1/TFIIS-dependent transcription

Akiko K. Okita, Faria Zafar, Jie Su, Dayalini Weerasekara, Takuya Kajitani, Tatsuro S. Takahashi, Hiroshi Kimura, Yota Murakami, Hisao Masukata & Takuro Nakagawa
Heterochromatin that is characterized by histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9) methylation assembles on repetitive regions including centromeres. Although centromeric heterochromatin is important for faithful segregation of chromosomes, its role in maintaining centromere integrity remains elusive. Here, we found in fission yeast that heterochromatin suppresses gross chromosomal rearrangements (GCRs) at centromeres. Mutations in Clr4/Suv39 methyltransferase increased the formation of isochromosomes whose breakpoints are present in centromere repeats. H3K9A and H3K9R mutations also increased GCRs, suggesting that...

Data from: Impact of negative frequency-dependent selection on mating pattern and genetic structure: a comparative analysis of the S-locus and nuclear SSR loci in Prunus lannesiana var. speciosa

Kato Shuri, Teruyoshi Nagamitsu, Hiroyoshi Iwata, Yoshihiko Tsumura, Yuzuru Mukai, K Michiharu, K Saika & K Junko
Mating processes of local demes and spatial genetic structure of island populations at the self-incompatibility (S-) locus under negative frequency-dependent selection (NFDS) were evaluated in Prunus lannesiana var. speciosa in comparison with nuclear simple sequence repeat (SSR) loci that seemed to be evolutionarily neutral. Our observations of local mating patterns indicated that male-female pair fecundity was influenced by not only self-incompatibility, but also various factors such as kinship, pollen production and flowering synchrony. In spite...

Study of crystallization behavior of electron beam irradiated polypropylene and high-density polyethylene

Petr Svoboda, Krunal Trivedi, Karel Stoklasa, Dagmar Svobodova & Toshiaki Ougizawa
The influence of e-beam irradiation on polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) was investigated with the focus on crystallization. High temperature (200°C) creep test has revealed that HDPE gradually increases crosslinking density in the range 30-120 kGy while PP undergoes chain scission which was quantitatively evaluated by GPC. Mechanical properties were measured in the range -150 to 200°C by dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). Small presence of C=C and C=O bonds was found in the irradiated...

Data from: The potential role of temperate Japanese regions as refugia for the coral Acropora hyacinthus in the face of climate change

Aki Nakabayashi, Takehisa Yamakita, Takashi Nakamura, Hiroaki Aizawa, Yuko F. Kitano, Akira Iguchi, Hiroya Yamano, Satoshi Nagai, Sylvain Agostini, Kosuke M. Tshima & Nina Yasuda
As corals in tropical regions are threatened by increasing water temperatures, poleward range expansion of reef-building corals has been observed, and temperate regions are expected to serve as refugia in the face of climate change. To elucidate the important indicators of the sustainability of coral populations, we examined the genetic diversity and connectivity of the common reef-building coral Acropora hyacinthus along the Kuroshio Current, including recently expanded (<50 years) populations. Among the three cryptic lineages...

Data from: Marine protected area restricts demographic connectivity: dissimilarity in a marine environment can function as a biological barrier

Masaaki Sato, Kentaro Honda, Wilfredo H. Uy, Darwin I. Baslot, Tom G. Genovia, Yohei Nakamura, Lawrence Patrick C. Bernardo, Hiroyuki Kurokochi, Allyn Duvin S. Pantallano, Chunlan Lian, Kazuo Nadaoka & Masahiro Nakaoka
The establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs) can often lead to environmental differences between MPAs and fishing zones. To determine the effects on marine dispersal of environmental dissimilarity between an MPA and fishing zone, we examined the abundance and recruitment patterns of two anemonefishes (Amphiprion frenatus and A. perideraion) that inhabit sea anemones in different management zones (i.e., an MPA and two fishing zones) by performing a field survey and a genetic parentage analysis. We...

Data from: The Kuroshio Current influences genetic diversity and population genetic structure of a tropical seagrass, Enhalus acoroides

Yuichi Nakajima, Yu Matsuki, Chunlan Lian, Miguel D. Fortes, Wilfredo H. Uy, Wilfredo L. Campos, Masahiro Nakaoka & Kazuo Nadaoka
Information on genetic diversity and differentiation of seagrass populations is essential for the conservation of coastal ecosystems. However, little is known about the seagrasses in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean, where the world's highest diversity of seagrasses occurs. The influence of sea currents on these populations is also unknown. We estimated the genetic diversity and population genetic structure and identified reproductive features in Enhalus acoroides populations from the Yaeyama Islands, Hainan Island and the Philippines. The...

Data from: A spatiotemporal analysis of acoustic interactions between great reed warblers (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) using microphone arrays and robot audition software HARK

Reiji Suzuki, Shiho Matsubayashi, Fumiyuki Saito, Tatsuyoshi Murate, Tomohisa Masuda, Kouichi Yamamoto, Ryosuke Kojima, Kazuhiro Nakadai & Hiroshi G. Okuno
Acoustic interactions are important for understanding intra- and interspecific communication in songbird communities from the viewpoint of soundscape ecology. It has been suggested that birds may divide up sound space to increase communication efficiency in such a manner that they tend to avoid overlap with other birds when they sing. We are interested in clarifying the dynamics underlying the process as an example of complex systems based on short-term behavioral plasticity. However, it is very...

Data from: Weak sinusoidal electric fields entrain spontaneous Ca transients in the dendritic tufts of CA1 pyramidal cells in rat hippocampal slice preparations

Kazuma Maeda, Ryuichi Maruyama, Toru Nagae, Masashi Inoue, Toru Aonishi & Hiroyoshi Miyakawa
Neurons might interact via electric fields and this notion has been referred to as ephaptic interaction. It has been shown that various types of ion channels are distributed along the dendrites and are capable of supporting generation of dendritic spikes. We hypothesized that generation of dendritic spikes play important roles in the ephaptic interactions either by amplifying the impact of electric fields or by providing current source to generate electric fields. To test if dendritic...

Data from: Collagen vitrigel promotes hepatocytic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into functional hepatocyte-like cells

Shun Nakai, Ima Shibata, Takahiro Shitamichi, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki Takagi, Tomoaki Inoue, Toshito Nakagawa, Jumpei Kiyokawa, Satoshi Wakabayashi, Tomoya Miyoshi, Eriko Higashi, Seiichi Ishida, Nobuaki Shiraki & Shoen Kume
Differentiation of stem cells to hepatocytes provides an unlimited supply of human hepatocytes and therefore has been vigorously studied. However, to date, the stem cell-derived hepatocytes were suggested to be of immature features. To obtain matured hepatocytes from stem cells, we tested the effect of culturing iPS cell-derived endoderm cells on collagen vitrigel membrane and compared with our previous reported nanofiber matrix. We cultured hiPS cell-derived endoderm cells on a collagen vitrigel membrane and examined...

Micro-tomographic imaging of the dissolution of trapped nitrogen gas with and without dissolution fingering

Anindityo Patmonoaji, Yingxue Hu, Muhammad Nasir, Chunwei Zhang & Tetsuya Suekane

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