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Ethylene glycol assisted 3D floral evolution of BiFeO3-based nanostructures with effective magneto-electric response

Shahid Atiq, Syed Kumail Abbas, Ghulam Muhammad Mustafa, Murtaza Saleem, Muhammad Sufyan, Saira Riaz & Shahzad Naseem
Controlled growth of nanostructures plays a vital role in tuning the physical and chemical properties of functional materials for advanced energy and memory storage devices. Herein, we synthesized hierarchical micro-sized flowers, built by the self-assembly of highly crystalline, 2-dimensional nanoplates of Co and Ni doped BiFeO3, using a simple ethylene glycol mediated solvothermal method. Pure BiFeO3 attained scattered one-dimensional nanorods-type morphology having diameter nearly 60 nm. Co-doping of Co and Ni at Fe-site in BiFeO3...

Genetic variability, community structure, and horizontal transfer of endosymbionts among three Asia II‐Bemisia tabaci mitotypes in Pakistan

Jorge R. Paredes-Montero, Judith Brown, Muhammad Zia-Ur-Rehman, Usman Hameed, Muhammad Haider & HansWerner Herrmann
Endosymbionts associated with the whitefly Bemisia tabaci cryptic species are known to contribute to host fitness and environmental adaptation. The genetic diversity and population complexity were investigated for endosymbiont communities of B. tabaci occupying different micro-environments in Pakistan. Mitotypes of B. tabaci were identified by comparative sequence analysis of the mitochondria cytochrome oxidase I (mtCOI) gene sequence. Whitefly mitotypes belonged to the Asia II- 1, -5, and -7 mitotypes of the Asia II major clade....

Impact of national drug pricing policy 2018 on access to medicines in Lahore Division, Pakistan: A pre-post survey study using WHO/HAI methodology

Amna Saeed, Yu Fang, Hamid Saeed, Zikria Saleem, Caijun Yang, Minghuan Jiang, Mingyue Zhao, Wenjing Ji, Muhammad Majid Aziz, Faiz Ullah Khan, Ali Hassan Gillani, Naveel Atif, Yu Fang & Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar
Objective: To evaluate the impact of new national drug pricing policy (NDPP) 2018 on the access to medicines in terms of prices, availability, and affordability. Design: Two cross-sectional surveys were undertaken before and after the launch of NDPP 2018, using a modified WHO/HAI methodology. Setting: Four districts of Lahore division, Pakistan. Participants: 16 public sector hospitals and 16 private sector retail pharmacies. Measures: The pre- and post-survey data on prices and availability of Lowest Price...

Cortinarius brunneocarpus var. microsporus, an interesting variety with Eurasian distribution

Junaid Khan, Hassan Sher, Shah Hussain & Abdul Nasir Khalid
Cortinarius brunneocarpus var. microsporus is described and illustrated from coniferous forests of District Swat, Pakistan based on morphological characters and phylogenetic analyses of the nuclear rDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region. It is morphologically well-supported by significantly smaller basidiospores which are moderately to densely verrucose and with a suprahilar depression The new variety has Eurasian distribution and is being reported from Pakistan, Norway and Estonia. Differences between the new variety and similar taxa are briefly...

Biosynthesis, Characterization and Anti-dengue vector activity of Silver Nanoparticles prepared by Azadirachta indica and Citrullus colocynthis

Shafqat Rasool, Muhammad Akram Raza & Zakia Kanwal
Here, we report biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using aqueous extracts of (i) Azadirachta indica leaves and (ii) Citrullus colocynthis fruit and their larvicidal activity against Aedes aegypti. The Uv-Vis spectroscopy absorption peaks occurred in range 412-416 nm for A. indica AgNPs and 416-431nm for C. colocynthis AgNPs indicating the silver nature of prepared colloidal samples. The Scanning electron microscopy examination revealed the spherical morphology of both types of NPs with average size of 17±4...

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