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Data from: Cooling cows efficiently with sprinklers: physiological responses to water spray

Cassandra B. Tucker, Karin E. Schütz &
Dairies in the United States commonly cool cattle with sprinklers mounted over the feed bunk that intermittently spray the cows’ backs. These systems use potable water—an increasingly scarce resource—but there is little experimental evidence about how much is needed to cool cows or about droplet size, which is thought to affect hair coat penetration. Our objectives were to determine how sprinkler flow rate and droplet size affect physiological measures of heat load in a hot,...

Community-level direct and indirect impacts of an invasive plant favour exotic over native species

Warwick Allen, Ralph Wainer, Jason Tylianakis, Barbara Barratt, Marcus-Rongowhitiao Shadbolt, Lauren Waller & Ian Dickie
1. Indirect interactions mediated by shared enemies or mutualists (i.e., apparent competition) can influence whether invasive plants harm or benefit co-occurring species. However, studies to date have largely examined single pairwise interactions, limiting our understanding of the interplay among different types of interactions and whether indirect impacts systematically favour native or exotic species. Predicting indirect interaction strength has also proven challenging, and it remains unclear whether the strengths of different indirect interactions are correlated. 2....

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  • 2020

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