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Improved biodiversity detection using a large-volume environmental DNA sampler with in situ filtration and implications for marine eDNA sampling strategies

Annette Govindarajan, Luke McCartin, Allan Adams, Elizabeth Allan, Abhimanyu Belani, Rene Francolini, Justin Fujii, Daniel Gomez-Ibanez, Amy Kukulya, Frederick Marin, Kaitlyn Tradd, Dana Yoerger, Jill McDermott & Santiago Herrera
Metabarcoding analysis of environmental DNA samples is a promising new tool for marine biodiversity and conservation. Typically, seawater samples are obtained using Niskin bottles and filtered to collect eDNA. However, standard sample volumes are small relative to the scale of the environment, conventional collection strategies are limited, and the filtration process is time consuming. To overcome these limitations, we developed a new large – volume eDNA sampler with in situ filtration, capable of taking up...

All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of synaptic vesicle fusion I: a glimpse at the primed Synaptotagmin-SNARE-complexin complex

Josep Rizo, Levent Sari, Yifei Qi, Wonpil Im & Milo Lin
Synaptic vesicles are primed into a state that is ready for fast neurotransmitter release upon Ca2+-binding to Syt1. This state likely includes trans-SNARE complexes between the vesicle and plasma membranes that are bound to Syt1 and complexins. However, the nature of this state and the steps leading to membrane fusion are unclear, in part because of the difficulty of studying this dynamic process experimentally. To shed light into these questions, we performed all-atom molecular dynamics...

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  • 2022

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