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Group and individual social network metrics are robust to changes in resource distribution in experimental populations of forked fungus beetles

Robin Costello, Phoebe Cook, Vincent Formica &
Social interactions drive many important ecological and evolutionary processes. It is therefore essential to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that underlie social patterns. A central tenet of the field of behavioral ecology is the expectation that the distribution of resources shapes patterns of social interactions. We combined experimental manipulations with social network analyses to ask how patterns of resource distribution influence complex social interactions. We experimentally manipulated the distribution of an essential food and...

Differences in neurotoxic outcomes of organophosphorus pesticides revealed via multi-dimensional screening in adult and regenerating planarians

Danielle Ireland
Organophosphorus pesticides (OPs) are a chemically diverse class of commonly used insecticides. Epidemiological studies suggest that low dose chronic prenatal and infant exposures can lead to life-long neurological damage and behavioral disorders. While inhibition of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is the shared mechanism of acute OP neurotoxicity, OP-induced developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) can occur independently and/or in the absence of significant AChE inhibition, suggesting alternative targets. Moreover, different OPs can cause different adverse outcomes, suggesting that different OPs...

Multilevel selection on social network traits differs between sexes in experimental populations of forked fungus beetles

Robin Costello, Phoebe Cook, & Vince Formica
Both individual and group behavior can influence individual fitness, but multilevel selection is rarely quantified on social behaviors. Social networks provide a unique opportunity to study multilevel selection on social behaviors, as they describe complex social traits and patterns of interaction at both the individual and group levels. In this study, we used contextual analysis to measure the consequences of both individual network position and group network structure on individual fitness in experimental populations of...

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