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H-O isotopic compositions in China's wetlands

Baoli Wang & Wanzhu Li
Water oxygen isotopic analysis is a useful tool for tracing water cycle in aquatic ecosystems on the premise that it is no oxygen isotope effect from phytoplankton activity. We measured the water hydrogen and oxygen isotopic compositions, phytoplankton Fv/Fm and related environmental factors in China's wetlands. We found that phytoplankton photosynthesis can modify water oxygen isotopic signature (δ18O), based on a national-scale survey of wetlands and a culture experiment. Phytoplankton photosynthesis can make water δ18O...

Elasticity and damping ratio measurement of droplets on super-hydrophobic surfaces

Yukai Sun, Yelong Zheng, Le Song, Peiyuan Sun, Meirong Zhao, Yixiong Zhou & Clarence Augustine TH Tee
The elasticity of the droplet refers to the ability of the droplet in restoring to its original shape and ensuring its strong robustness. The measurement of the droplets' elasticity is vitally important in understanding the characteristics and mechanism of the droplet jumping, spreading, and coalescence. In this paper, we measured the elasticity and damping ratio of droplets with different viscosity. A plate coated with a hydrophobic layer pressed on a droplet, and the elastic force...

Topographic Relief Response to Fluvial Incision in the Central Tibetan Plateau: Evidence From Cosmogenic 10Be

Ye Yang, Li-Feng Cui, Sheng Xu, Cong-Qiang Liu, Derek Fabel, Li‐Feng Cui & Cong‐Qiang Liu
Fluvial incision, regarded as one of the fundamental geomorphic processes, drives the evolution of mountainous landscapes. The transitional landscape from low-relief to high-relief in the central Tibetan Plateau is rapidly evolving as it is influenced by river dynamics, climate change and tectonic uplift. Combining cosmogenic 10Be depth profile dating and topographic analysis, this study provides new constraints on the formation and destruction of low-relief surfaces in the central Tibetan Plateau. We find that the high-relief...

Data from: Plant nitrogen and phosphorus utilization under invasive pressure in a montane ecosystem of tropical China

Chaochen Hu, Yanbao Lei, Yunhong Tan, Xinchao Sun, Hao Xu, Congqiang Liu & Xueyan Liu
1. Exotic plant invasion has been changing the vegetation composition and function of terrestrial ecosystems. Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are often the limiting nutrients for terrestrial plants. However, under invasive pressure, in-situ plant N and P use mechanisms remain poorly understood but is pivotal for a better understanding of plant invasion and coexistence in invaded ecosystems. 2. Nitrogen and P concentrations, natural 15N abundance (δ15N values) were investigated in leaves and soils under different...

δ15N of nitric oxide produced under aerobic or anaerobic conditions from seven soils and their associated N isotope fractionations

Chenxia Su, Ronghua Kang, Weixing Zhu, Wentao Huang, Linlin Song, Ang Wang, Dongwei Liu, Zhi Quan, Feifei Zhu, Pingqing Fu & Yunting Fang
Measuring the nitrogen isotope compositions (δ15N) of nitric oxide (NO) from different sources helps to quantify the relative contributions of atmospheric NOx. Soil is one of the most important sources of atmospheric NOx, but only limited measurements on the δ15N of soil emitted NO exist, hampering our ability to partition sources to air pollution. Here we conducted soil incubations to measure the δ15N-NO under defined aerobic or anaerobic conditions, favoring either nitrification or denitrification. Soils...

Data from: Solute Production and Transport Processes in Chinese Monsoonal Rivers: Implications for Global Climate Change

Jun Zhong, Si-Liang Li, Daniel E. Ibarra, Hu Ding & Cong-Qiang Liu
Concentration-discharge (C-Q) relationships provide new insights into solute production processes. Temporal sampling and analyses are needed to investigate the chemical weathering behaviors and reduce the estimation errors of fluxes. But few studies have been done in Asian monsoonal rivers, which play an important role in global carbon cycle. We analyzed the dissolved solutes of Three largest rivers in China. Datong and Qingxi in Changjiang River were selected to represent the midterm and outlet of the...

A non‐steady state model based on dual nitrogen and oxygen isotopes to constrain moss nitrate uptake and reduction

Xue-Yan Liu, Di Wu, Xin Song, Yu-Ping Dong, Chong-Juan Chen, Wei Song, Cong-Qiang Liu & Keisuke Koba
Epilithic mosses are early colonizers of the terrestrial biosphere, constitute a special ecosystem regulating rock-atmosphere interactions, and may be more restricted in their nitrogen (N) supply than other mosses. Terrestrial mosses can take up nitrate (NO3-), a major form of bioavailable N, from soil substrates. However, the importance of substrate NO3- relative to atmospheric NO3- remains unclear in moss NO3- utilization. This has prevented the understanding of moss NO3- dynamics and its responses to environmental...

Data from: Antibacterial effect of (2E,2E)-4,4-Trisulfanediylbis(but-2-enoic acid) against Staphylococcus aureus

Tao Wu, Yina Huang, Yijun Chen & Min Zhang
A new highly active molecule, (2E, 2E)-4,4-trisulfanediylbis(but-2-enoic acid) (TSDB), was designed and synthesized through comparative molecular field analysis with the diallyl trisulfide structure of garlic. TSDB exerted a strong inhibitory effect against Staphylococcus aureus, with minimal inhibitory and minimal bactericidal concentrations of 16 and 128 μg/mL, respectively. TSDB destructed the integrity of the S. aureus cell membrane but weakly damaged the bacterial cell wall. TSDB also increased the conductivity and protein expression in microbial broth...

Data from: The critical role of local refugia in postglacial colonization of Chinese pine: joint inferences from DNA analyses, pollen records, and species distribution modeling

Qian Hao, Guillaume De Lafontaine, Dongshu Guo, Hongya Gu, Feng Sheng Hu, Yue Han, Zhaoliang Song & Hongyan Liu
The importance of long-distance migration from low to high latitudes relative to local spread from northern refugia after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) remains a focus of debate for many temperate tree species. We assessed the dynamics of Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis), a widespread species endemic to northern China, since the LGM by integrating cytoplasmic DNA data, mapped pollen records and ecological niche modeling. Genetic variation among 544 individuals from 50 populations spanning the entire...

Data from: Simultaneous removal of fluoride and arsenic in geothermal water in Tibet using modified yak dung biochar as an adsorbent

Chunhui Luo, Jin Tian, Puli Zhu, Bin Zhou, Duo Bu, Xuebin Lu, Luo Chunhui, Tian Jin, Zhu Puli, Lu Xuebin & Bu Duo
Fluoride (F) and arsenic (As) are two typical and harmful elements that are found in high concentrations in geothermal water in Tibet. In the present work, yak dung, an abundant source of biomass energy in Tibet, was made into biochars (BC1, BC2 and BC3) by pyrolysis under different conditions, and the better biochar was modified by FeCl2 (Fe-BC3). The adsorption conditions were optimized to adsorb F and As in geothermal water. The results showed that...

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