Data from: The chimerical genome of Isla del Coco feral pigs (Costa Rica), an isolated population since 1793 but with remarkable levels of diversity

E. Bianco, H. W. Soto, L. Vargas & M. Perez-Enciso
The history of domestic species and of their wild ancestors is not a simple one, and feral processes can clarify key aspects of this history, including the adaptive processes triggered by new environments. Here, we provide a comprehensive genomic study of Isla del Coco (Costa Rica) feral pigs, a unique population that was allegedly founded by two individuals and has remained isolated since 1793. Using SNP arrays and genome sequencing, we show that Cocos pigs...

Registration Year

  • 2015

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  • Dataset


  • Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture
  • University of Costa Rica