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Sacramento River green sturgeon acoustic telemetry detections

Scott Colborne, Lawrence Sheppard, Daniel O'Donnell, Daniel Reuman, Jonathan Walter, Gabriel Singer, John Kelly, Michael Thomas & Andrew Rypel
Abstract for publication titled: Intraspecific variation in migration timing of green sturgeon in the Sacramento River system Understanding movement patterns of anadromous fishes is critical to conservation management of declining wild populations and preservation of habitats. Yet, the duration of observations for individual animals can constrain accurate descriptions of movements. In this study, we synthesized over a decade (2006-2018) of acoustic telemetry tracking observations of green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris) in the Sacramento River system to...

Contrasting parasite-mediated reductions in fitness within vs. between patches of a nematode host

Louis Thomas Bubrig, Anne Nicole Janisch, Emily Marie Tillet & Amanda Gibson
Host and parasites interact across spatial scales, but parasite-mediated fitness effects are often measured at local scales only. Recent work suggests that parasites can reduce host fitness during dispersal between patches, highlighting the potential for both within- and between-patch effects to contribute to the net fitness consequences of parasitism. Building on this work, we measured the contribution of the dispersal phase to parasite-mediated reductions in host fitness. We used the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and its...

The biogeography of community assembly: latitude and predation drive variation in community trait distribution in a guild of epifaunal crustaceans

Collin Gross, Collin Gross, J Duffy, Kevin Hovel, Melissa Kardish, Pamela Reynolds, Christoffer Boström, Katharyn Boyer, Mathiew Cusson, Johan Eklöf, Aschwin Engelen, Klemens Eriksson, Joel Fodrie, John Griffin, Clara Hereu, Masakazu Hori, A Randall Hughes, Mikhail Ivanov, Pablo Jorgensen, Claudia Kruschel, Kun-Seop Lee, Jonathan Lefcheck, Karen McGlathery, Per-Olav Moksnes, Masahiro Nakaoka … & Jay Stachowicz
While considerable evidence exists of biogeographic patterns in the intensity of species interactions, the influence of these patterns on variation in community structure is less clear. Using a model selection approach on measures of trait dispersion in crustaceans associated with eelgrass (Zostera marina) spanning 30º of latitude in two oceans, we found that dispersion strongly increased with increasing predation and decreasing latitude. Ocean and epiphyte load appeared as secondary predictors; Pacific communities were more overdispersed...

Group and individual social network metrics are robust to changes in resource distribution in experimental populations of forked fungus beetles

Robin Costello, Phoebe Cook, Vincent Formica &
Social interactions drive many important ecological and evolutionary processes. It is therefore essential to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that underlie social patterns. A central tenet of the field of behavioral ecology is the expectation that the distribution of resources shapes patterns of social interactions. We combined experimental manipulations with social network analyses to ask how patterns of resource distribution influence complex social interactions. We experimentally manipulated the distribution of an essential food and...

Data from: Climate affects the outbreaks of a forest defoliator indirectly through its tree hosts

Kyle Haynes, Andrew Liebhold, Jonathan Lefcheck, Randall Morin & Guiming Wang
Spatial variation in climate is known to affect the survival and reproduction of herbivorous forest insects and tree-species compositions, but the importance of indirect effects of climate on outbreaks of forest insects through its effects on forest composition is unclear. This data was compiled to examine the direct and indirect effects of climate, water capacity of the soil, host tree density, and non-host density on the spatial extent of Lymantria dispar outbreaks in the Eastern...

Transcriptional networks underlying a primary ovarian insufficiency disorder in alligators naturally exposed to EDCs: Transformed read counts and supplementary materials

Matthew Hale, Therese Koal, Tuan Hai Pham, John Bowden & Ben Parrott
Interactions between the endocrine system and environmental contaminants are responsible for impairing reproductive development and function. Despite the taxonomic diversity of affected species and attendant complexity inherent to natural systems, the underlying signaling pathways and cellular consequences are mostly studied in lab models. To resolve the genetic and endocrine pathways that mediate affected ovarian function in organisms exposed to endocrine disrupting contaminants in their natural environments, we assessed broad-scale transcriptional and steroidogenic responses to exogenous...

Relative forelimb-hindlimb investment is associated with flight style, foraging strategy, and nestling period, but not nest type

Natalie Wright, Jess Kotnour, Sarah McPeek, Hannah Wedig & Jonah Dominguez
We investigated Dial’s 2003 hypothesis that birds that rely more heavily upon flight as their primary mode of locomotion and thus invest more in their forelimbs than hindlimbs will experience selection for smaller body sizes, greater altriciality, and more complex nests. To test this hypothesis, we examined the skeletons of over 2,000 individuals from 313 species representing the majority of avian families and all major branches of the avian tree. We used the lengths of...

Post-ACL reconstruction surgery rehabilitation dataset using isokinetic dynamometer and wearable IMUs

Robert Gutierrez, Joe Hart & Mehdi Boukhechba
Rehabilitation post-ACL reconstruction surgery is a lengthy process that involves a variety of exercises, with the goal of achieving leg symmetry. Testing for leg symmetry generally involves a series of tests, which may include walking gait analysis, isokinetic dynamometry, and single leg hop, if able. Isokinetic dynamometry readings have proven useful in understanding leg symmetry by providing a reading of muscle torque during a specific motion. However, the use of surface electromyography (sEMG) may provide...

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