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Velocity vector files from PIV measurements of the wake behind a flying beetle

Gal Ribak & Roi Gurka
These are the velocity vector files from the PIV measurements in the wake of Batocera rufomaculata flying tethered in a wind tunnel. The data correspond to the manuscript: The aerodynamics and power requirements of forward flapping flight in the mango stem borer beetle (Batocera rufomaculata), by Urca et al. published by the journal Integrative Organismal Biology. The abstract of the coresponding paper is: The need for long dispersal flights can drive selection for behavioral, physiological...

PIV data of straight blade and swept blade wind turbine

Asif Shahriar Nafi, Krishnamoorthy Krishnan, Anup Kumar Debnath, Erin E. Hackett & Roi Gurka
In large wind farms, the wake behind the upstream wind turbine affects the performance of the downstream turbines which reduces the overall power output. The geometry of the wind turbine blades has significant effects on the mechanical efficiency of this process. Here, we suggest to utilize a bio-inspired blade based on the common swift wing. Common swift is known to be a long-distance flyer, able to stay aloft for long periods of time by maintaining...

Data from: Live, dead, and fossil mollusks in Florida freshwater springs and spring-fed rivers: taphonomic pathways and the formation of multi-sourced, time-averaged death assemblages

Kristopher Kusnerik, Roger Portell, Mark Brenner, Quan Hua, Alshina Kannai, Mariah Monroe, MichaƂ Kowalewski, Guy Means & Ryan Means
Taphonomic processes are informative about the magnitude and timing of paleoecological changes but remain poorly understood with respect to freshwater invertebrates in spring-fed rivers and streams. We compared taphonomic alteration among freshwater gastropods in live, dead (surficial shell accumulations), and fossil (late Pleistocene-early Holocene in situ sediments) assemblages from two Florida spring-fed systems, the Wakulla and Silver/Ocklawaha Rivers. We assessed taphonomy of two gastropod species: the native Elimia floridensis (n=2504) and introduced Melanoides tuberculata (n=168)....

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  • 2020

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  • Coastal Carolina University
  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • University of Florida
  • United States Geological Survey
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation