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Data from: Recent diversification of a marine genus (Tursiops spp.) tracks habitat preference and environmental change

Andre E. Moura, Sandra C. A. Nielsen, Julia T. Vilstrup, Jose Victor Moreno-Mayar, Marcus Thomas P. Gilbert, Howard Gray, Ada Natoli, Luciana Möller, Alan Rus Hoelzel & Howard W. I. Gray
Understanding the evolution of diversity and the resulting systematics in marine systems is confounded by the lack of clear boundaries in oceanic habitats, especially for highly mobile species like marine mammals. Dolphin populations and sibling species often show differentiation between coastal and offshore habitats, similar to the pelagic/littoral or benthic differentiation seen for some species of fish. Here we test the hypothesis that lineages within the polytypic genus Tursiops track past changes in the environment...

Data from: Gene flow and population structure of a common agricultural wild species (Microtus agrestis) under different land management regimes

Chiara Marchi, Liselotte W. Andersen, Christian Damgaard, Kent Olsen, Thomas S. Jensen & Volker Loeschcke
The impact of landscape structure and land management on dispersal of populations of wild species inhabiting the agricultural landscape was investigated focusing on the field vole (Microtus agrestis) in three different areas in Denmark using molecular genetic markers. The main hypotheses were the following: (i) organic farms act as genetic sources and diversity reservoirs for species living in agricultural areas and (ii) gene flow and genetic structure in the agricultural landscape are influenced by the...

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  • 2013

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