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Data from: Chromosome number evolves independently of genome size in a clade with non-localized centromeres (Carex: Cyperaceae)

Kyong-Sook Chung, Andrew L. Hipp & Eric H. Roalson
The effects of chromosome rearrangement on genome size are poorly understood. While chromosome duplications and deletions have predictable effects on genome size, chromosome fusion, fission, and translocation do not. In this study, we investigate genome size and chromosome number evolution in 87 species of Carex, one of the most species-rich genera of flowering plants and one that has undergone an exceptionally high rate of chromosome rearrangement. Using phylogenetic generalized least squares regression, we find that...

Data from: Global patterns of leaf defenses in oak species

Ian S. Pearse & Andrew L. Hipp
Plant defensive traits drive patterns of herbivory and herbivore diversity among plant species. Over the past 30 years, several prominent hypotheses have predicted the association of plant defenses with particular abiotic environments or geographic regions. We used a strongly supported phylogeny of oaks to test whether defensive traits of 56 oak species are associated with particular components of their climatic niche. Climate predicted both the chemical leaf defenses and the physical leaf defenses of oaks,...

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  • 2012

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  • University of California, Davis